How I See It – A Giant Magnifying Glass and a Flower 

Recently I was reading the NY Times and was struck by a special section on ‘transformation.’
In it were bite-sized essays written by various people from all walks of life. Through these intimate essays, each shared how this past year felt, and the transformation they’ve experienced.

How has this pandemic guided us in transformation?

I see an image of a giant magnifying glass, shining brightly and directly onto each one of us. In it, we are forced to see with glaring clarity where we are right now.

Also, to take a moment to wonder:

How are we doing right now?
Where are we going from here?

The challenge of seeing things is most of the battle. We can spend so much time running from everything we want to avoid. (hello! guilty!)

Next, we have to feel. We may notice doors and secret passages in our hearts previously sealed or blocked off. It’s uncomfortable to feel inside of those compartments, but as we settle in we may be able to feel ourselves opening up to new possibilities we didn’t see before.

I think of transformation as being led or guided to move through different phases. The phases follow a path that we aren’t even necessarily in charge of. There is a higher power pulling us forth. This higher power is loving and kind and wants only the very best for us.

Even when it doesn’t feel that way! It’s there – willing us to move forward in grace. Nudging us to look at that thing we’re too ashamed to look at, or reminding us of our truest self – and of the big dreams it has in store for us. We are being guided down this windy road.

Slowing down long enough, we can begin to see our own path and way through. Look closely through the magnifying glass, and see the endless opportunities and potential inside.

Transformation is a gift we received from this past year. We are different than we were before.


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