Kate Winslet

Kate Winslet, Mare Make us All Feel Validated and Seen

When Kate Winslet won the Emmy for the role of Mare Sheehan in…
November 5, 2021/by Tricia Rose Stone
woman meditating at home

Dr. Barbara Green – Her Views on the Importance of Balance, Connection, and Self-Compassion

Dr. Barbara Green is passionate about living a well-balanced…
October 25, 2021/by Tricia Rose Stone

Grandma Chris Sees Happiness, Peace, and Adventure From Behind the Wheel

Chris Petit-Luedeking has an extraordinarily positive outlook…
July 24, 2021/by Tricia Rose Stone

Emily McCavanagh – Building a Supportive, Loving Community Through Fitness and a Focus on Wellbeing

A busy mom of two teenagers, Emily McCavanagh began her training…
June 6, 2021/by Tricia Rose Stone

Eileen Holland: From Boston’s North End to a “Secret” Paradise in Umbria

In 2009, Eileen Holland and her husband Lorenzo de Monaco discovered…
April 24, 2021/by Tricia Rose Stone
Annika Cox

Annika Cox: Carving an Exciting, New Path – Driven by Faith, Purpose, and Passion.

Meet Annika Cox. She is an entrepreneur who recently decided…
April 18, 2021/by Tricia Rose Stone

Taryn Toomey’s Lens on Mind, Body, and Spirit Shines Through in The Class

Taryn Toomey has a finely tuned method of working out that addresses…
March 17, 2021/by Tricia Rose Stone
Kate sitting on gazebo

Meet Kate Botts – Our Chic and Talented Stylist

Boston is so lucky to have a stylist like Kate Botts! She blends…
January 10, 2021/by Tricia Rose Stone

Bridget Rice – On Resilience, Laughter, and Living in the Moment

Bridget RiceMother, Daughter, Sister, Friend, Business Executive, Philanthropist, Community Leader, World traveler
November 16, 2020/by Editorial Team

Connie Rose – A Butterfly’s Journey

My mother, the artist
November 16, 2020/by Tricia Rose Stone

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