How to Have a Successful Relationship With Jay Shetty’s ‘8 Rules of Love’

Love is something we all strive for, but it seems hard to find…
February 15, 2024/by Tricia Rose Stone

Friends Drifting Apart: Is There a Loving Way to See This?

Just the idea of friends drifting apart may unleash waves of…
January 30, 2024/by Tricia Rose Stone
Positive affirmations enhance self-esteem, boost self affirmation, and increase positive mental health.

Seven Positive Affirmations to Help Enjoy Social Connection More

Let's face it! Managing ourselves is one thing, but keeping our…
November 20, 2023/by Tricia Rose Stone
Close friends. Sometimes expecting perfection. Opening ways for new relationships to form.

Letting People In – Why It’s Hard and How You Can Start

Are we all becoming more guarded these days? It seems we were…
October 4, 2023/by Tricia Rose Stone
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Seven Thought Provoking, Heart Touching Quotes About Friendship

Can you imagine navigating the ups and downs of life alone? I…
July 13, 2023/by Tricia Rose Stone
two women laughing and connected.

How Does It Feel When You Connect With Someone Energetically? Inspired and Free

How do you know that you're connecting with someone energetically?…
June 12, 2023/by Tricia Rose Stone

Why Listening Matters and How It’s a Remarkable Superpower

Ever wonder why listening matters so much? And how listening…
June 6, 2023/by Tricia Rose Stone
Photo by Amy Shamblen on Unsplash

Holding Space: What It Means, and How It Demands Our Presence

What does holding space even mean? According to John Kim LMFT,…
May 28, 2023/by Tricia Rose Stone
Spiritual partnership

Spiritual Partnership: Step Into a Relationship With Greater Depth and Clarity

I remember first hearing the term 'spiritual partnership.'
April 27, 2023/by Tricia Rose Stone

Ten Unique Types of Friendships: How Many are in Your Life Right Now?

When you think about your friendships, focusing only on the people…
April 14, 2023/by Tricia Rose Stone
love languages

Love Languages: Using Mindfulness to Improve Love Communication Skills

The Love Languages, written by Dr. Gary Chapman, hit the world…
April 8, 2023/by Tricia Rose Stone
Women celebrating eachother

Five Powerful Reasons to Celebrate Other Women

It's important to celebrate other women!
Doing so helps to foster…
March 12, 2023/by Tricia Rose Stone
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