Four Revealing Reasons to Stop Putting Someone on a Pedestal

I've done this. Maybe you've done it, too. But why do we do it?…
October 20, 2021/by Tricia Rose Stone
lonely heron on a rock

You’ve Been Single for So Long, Are You Ready for a Meaningful Relationship?

You've been single for so long. How long is long? Long enough…
October 6, 2021/by Tricia Rose Stone

Detachment: What Does It Mean? And What Can You Gain from It?

Last week I went out for coffee with my friend Lara. Bursting…
September 30, 2021/by Tricia Rose Stone

Getting Settled In: Eight Proactive Steps to Feeling Connected in a New Community

If someone has learned a thing or two about moving and getting…
September 3, 2021/by Tricia Rose Stone

On Mentoring Women: How Meghan Markle’s Birthday Wish Inspired Me

Did you hear about Meghan Markle's 40th birthday wish? She…
August 10, 2021/by Tricia Rose Stone

Holding Space: What It Means, and How It Demands Our Presence

What does holding space even mean? According to John Kim LMFT,…
July 29, 2021/by Tricia Rose Stone

See Five Thoughtful Questions to Help Overcome Resentment

Have you been in a situation where something happens to you,…
July 21, 2021/by Tricia Rose Stone
two women laughing and connected.

How Does It Feel When You Connect With Someone Energetically? Inspired and Free

How do you know that you're connecting with someone energetically?…
June 22, 2021/by Tricia Rose Stone
Woman listening to her friend.

Why Is Listening So Important? See 11 Valuable Reasons

In the wake of so many months of isolation, it may seem out of…
June 15, 2021/by Tricia Rose Stone
heart on a window for love languages

Love Languages: Using Mindfulness to Improve Love Communication Skills

It's been a while since The Love Languages was published (40…
May 29, 2021/by Tricia Rose Stone

Ten Unique Types of Friendships: How Many are in Your Life Right Now?

When you look at all of your friendships, it's easy to focus…
April 28, 2021/by Tricia Rose Stone

The Importance of Sharing Our Stories? We Become Stronger, Our Hearts Connect.

I recently met with Dr. Barbara Green, co-founder of the Center…
March 12, 2021/by Tricia Rose Stone
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