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Ten “The Mastery of Love” Quotes to Open Your Powerful Heart

The Mastery of Love is one of those rare books I can reread and always discover something new. In honor of Valentine’s Week, I wanted to share some of my favorite The Mastery of Love quotes with you.

I wonder if you’ll find them to be surprising! These quotes turn some ideas that I had about love completely upside down.

Take a look and let me know what you think:

1. This quote suggests that all the power lies within you:

“You have the power to create. Your power is so strong that whatever you believe comes true. You create yourself, whatever you believe you are. Your whole reality, everything you believe, is your creation.”

Don Miguel Ruiz comes back to this idea over and over. We aren’t victims of the world we inhabit. In fact, we are creating our world minute by minute.

And we can change our world as quickly as we’re willing to take a closer look at our thought patterns and all the emotions that follow.

We’re capable of actualizing the changes we seek.

2. This quote from The Mastery of Love suggests that love is a process of creation:

“Beginning today and gradually over time, help us to increase the power of our love so that we may create a masterpiece of art – our own life.”

I love this idea. We can increase the power of our love. And we are creating a masterpiece in doing so. Our life is a product of this creation. And we are capable of creating a beautiful relationship.

What kind of art are you creating? It’s interesting to think about.

3. This quote reminds us that human beings have to overcome fear.

“human mind is sick with a disease called fear. Just like the description of the infected skin, the emotional body is full of wounds, and these wounds are infected with emotional poison.

4. This quote reminds us that the only thing that can make us happy is the love flowing through us:

“What makes you happy is love coming out of you. And if you are generous with your love, everyone is going to love you. You are never going to be alone if you are generous.”

We have the power. When we’re able to access this overflowing love that exists within us, we can feel it extend to others with generosity. Miguel Ruiz says this is the only way to feel truly happy.

5. The quote redirects our search for love:

“We search for love outside ourselves when love is all around us. Love is everywhere, but we don’t have the eyes to see.”

In The Mastery of Love, Miguel Ruiz shares why we can’t see the love around us. He shares wisdom that empowers us to recognize this and tools to help us see everything in a refreshing, new, and truly loving way. He explains how we are “domesticated” as children and learn to cut ourselves off from our true selves and each other.

6. Miguel Ruiz reminds us that we need to play like children!

“The happiest moments in our lives are when we are playing just like children, singing and dancing, exploring and creating just for fun.”

7. These words remind us of the overflowing love available in our hearts:

“Your heart is a magical kitchen. Open your heart. Open your magical kitchen, and refuse to walk around the world begging for love. In your heart is all the love you need.”

When you recognize the infinite love within your heart, you no longer need to feel the longing for others to love you. You can extend this miraculous love to yourself. You can live in a place of abundance and love in and around you.

8. Don’t take things so personally.

“…Nothing that your partner does is personal. Your partner is dealing with her own garbage. If you don’t take it personally, it will be so easy for you to have a wonderful relationship with your partner”

9. This quote suggests that love is something we must practice:

“To become masters of love, we have to practice love. The art of relationship is also a real mastery, and practice is the only way to reach mastery.”

To love is a process. Unless we’re born with parents who exemplify the act and behavior of loving others and themselves well, we need to work on this! We need to devote ourselves to practice and learning. Miguel Ruiz takes us through the process of accepting others and ourselves – and shows us that this is what love does.


10. This one allows us to feel complete with the love we already have inside:

“You are complete. When love comes out of you, you are not searching for love because you are afraid to be alone. When you have all that love for yourself, you can be alone, and there’s no problem. You are happy to be alone, and to share is also fun.”

You were born with all of this love, and it’s yours for the taking for the rest of your days. Your only job is to allow it to flourish within. When you live within this love, you are complete. You can feel happiness alone (experiencing your loving heart graciously flowing), or you can enjoy sharing your love with others. It’s your choice, but either way, you’re good! This love is all you need.


These The Mastery of Love quotes above might get you thinking about love in new, empowering ways! I know; I used to think of love very differently. I thought it was something not everyone had access to. After enduring some difficult heartaches, I felt love was very far away from me.

Through studying the teachings of masters like Don Miguel Ruiz, I’ve been able to change my view. Although I have good days and bad, and sometimes old narratives from my early life come to the forefront, I’m grateful to know these truths. I hope you enjoy them too.


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