Soulmates: Six Different Types Explored

Have you ever experienced that “impossible to explain” feeling of chemistry, connection, and attraction for another person? That intense energy may indicate that you are in the presence of a soulmate.

The term ‘soulmate’ may bring up strong feelings of elation for you. Or, you may find the term cringy and overly romanticized, like in the Tom Cruise/Renee Zellwegger Jerry Maguire moment. Either way, there tends to be a strong romantic suggestion tied to the term. You may also feel a sense of heightened anticipation, eagerly hoping to meet your soulmate in this lifetime.

What if you were to discover that there are several types of soulmates? If you believe that everyone comes into your life for a reason, then soulmates are coming into your life at different times, all for various reasons.

We may already have soulmates in our lives right now without even realizing it. These soulmates may not always be obvious, but when you look more closely, they have a big impact on the unfolding of your life. Looking back,  it’s hard to imagine life without them.

Being open to exploring all different types of soulmates, regarding each of them as they are- allows us to view these relationships as a gift for us to learn more about ourselves and about love:

1. Friendship Soulmate

These are the friends that effortlessly come into our lives, and meet us exactly where we are. There may an instant recognition – as I know you, where have you been all these years? With this person, you can be completely yourself. You feel accepted and understood.

The sense of connection brings joy and fulfillment to our days. Celebrating birthdays, weddings, and all other milestones with this person in the room just makes life more beautiful.

I think of these relationships as being easy, with very little drama. There is a resonance, and the connection is effortless and smooth. As we traverse this earthly plane, we need people who accept us and understand us. We can enjoy life together with a sense of fun, play, and ease. The friendship soulmate is exactly that person.

For this, I’m thinking of Oprah and Gayle.

2. Karmic or Teacher Soulmate

The term karma refers to the spiritual principle of cause and effect, often descriptively called the principle of karma, wherein an individual’s intent and actions (cause) influence that individual’s future (effect).” So, it seems that a karmic soulmate is someone who is energetically drawn into our lives to help us to clear our own personal karma or as a gift for some of the positive energy we’ve put out into the world.

These soulmates may come in and out of our lives, sometimes many times over. The most common feature of the partnership with the karmic soulmate is that they carry with them very important life lessons that we need to learn as we move up and along our path. These teachers come in many forms. They can be lovers, friends, neighbors, coworkers; you name it.

Karmic soulmates can bring out the best and worst of you. Although the relationship can be romantic, it won’t last. No matter how strong the attraction is, the karmic soulmate is not a permanent person in your life. However, despite any drama that may aris, a karmic soulmate is a crucial person along your journey, and the relationship yields the growth opportunities that are necessary for you to move forward.

I’m thinking of Carol and Therese in Carol.

3. Companion Soulmates

This relationship can be romantic or platonic, such as with a family member or friend. There is effortless ease within this partnership. The connection can be harmonious and enjoyable but not as intense as twin flame soulmate relationships. If this is your life partner, together you can experience happiness and connection long term.

It is possible to spend your entire life with a companion soulmate if you have not met your twin soul. Not as intense as the twin flame, the companion soulmate still carries an energy of loving compassion and kindness along with them. There is a consistency and loving energy that brings joy and harmony into your life.

Companion soulmates may grow apart and follow different paths. However, you will remain in touch over time. There is a deep abiding friendship that you can enjoy together all along the way.

Here, I’m thinking of Sally and Harry in When Harry Met Sally.

4. The Wrecking Ball Soulmate

This soulmate is not someone who comes into our lives peacefully – they enter in to shake things up. There is a clear “before them” and “after them” distinction when we look back on our lives and realize that we are now a completely different person than the day we met them.

An experience with a wrecking ball soulmate provides a powerful opportunity for deep healing and growth. The relationship may be excruciating. Our wrecking ball soulmate is essentially holding up a mirror that forces us to see all of the things about ourselves that we typically avoid and don’t want to acknowledge or feel. This relationship will bring to the surface all of our insecurities. We can’t begin to heal these dysfunctional patterns until we know that they are there. The wrecking ball soulmate shines the light on them as a gift to us so that we can begin to heal and move forward.

This connection feels as though we’ve been ripped wide open. We may feel raw and uneasy after it’s had its way with us. But, by shining a light on places we need to grow and heal, this relationship has the potential to bring deep healing – after it’s over!

Here, I am thinking of Cindy and Dean from Blue Valentine.

5. The Lover Soulmate

When we cross over into intimate love without the enduring love and security of a deeper connection, we are in for a tumultuous experience in lover soulmate territory. The intimate component can bring out a more profound layer of emotional angst.

Eckhart Tolle says, “Unless and until you access the consciousness frequency of presence, all relationships, and particularly intimate relationships, are deeply flawed and ultimately dysfunctional.”

The relationships vacillate between feeling “in love” and feeling the myriad of negative emotions, including jealousy, anger, etc., that occur on the other side of those euphoric feelings. The relationships often swing back and forth between these two states.

There may be a lot of highs, but there will also be lows. Although there may be extended periods of happiness, this relationship isn’t meant to last. Through this relationship, we learn important lessons that will be meaningful down the road.

I’m thinking of Brooke and Gary from The Break-up.

6. Twin Flame Soulmate

According to Greek mythology, humans were created with four arms, four legs, and two faces. Fearing their power, Zeus split them into two parts, condemning them to spend their lives searching for their other halves.

The key to finding your twin soul, according to the experts, is experience: you will increase your chances significantly if you’ve made and learned from mistakes and are open to receiving and giving unconditional love. To be able to recognize your twin flame, you must have had enough experience to know yourself. Maybe the twin flame is a gift that comes to you as a reward for the lessons you have learned in your life.

According to Buddhist teachings, you will feel a wave of peace come across you upon meeting your twin soul. There is a sense of familiarity – as if you could silently say to them: there you are. This relationship is deeply loving and affectionate, while also bringing a sense of wonder and otherworldliness. A sense of “How lucky am I to have found you?” will be felt inside both people all the days of your life together.

There will be challenges, of course, but this relationship is here to stay. In this case, “till death do you part” is not only true, but you may long to find each other again in every lifetime forever.

I’m thinking of Allie and Noah from The Notebook.

Soul Connections Are All Gifts

There is a reason people come into our lives. Out of the almost eight billion souls on this planet – these are the unique souls who have come directly into your life. It’s so fascinating to think about!  Seeing the opportunities, lessons, and love that these souls bring with them is a helpful key to experiencing gratitude for life’s many hidden gifts and surprises.

Regardless of which type, all soulmates help us grow and become more whole, more aware, and more deeply ourselves. Each offers a lesson, elevating us towards better things in our lives.


Do you think you are ready to attract love into your life? Ask yourself these questions to find out.

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