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How Does It Feel When You Connect With Someone Energetically? Inspired and Free

How do you know that you’re connecting with someone energetically? What does it mean to vibe with someone anyway?

Let’s start by talking about our energy fields. According to Dr. Lawrence Wilson, “The energy field of a person is the emanation of subtle energy from the body. It is an electrical field that radiates a slight glow around a person and all living things.”

So, we’re basically energetic beings encountering others all the time. What exactly is it that allows you to vibe with and connect to different people uniquely? It’s all part of your energy. The vibe you experience in another person’s company is actually your energy reacting and responding to theirs.

Therefore, sometimes you meet people with whom you easily connect. Together, your energies complement one another and may even enhance your vibes collectively. Let’s take a look at how it feels when you connect (or vibe) with someone in a healthy and wonderful way:

1. You feel a sense of lightness and happiness around this person.

In their company, energy seems to move effortlessly back and forth between the two of you. There is a lightness, and you find yourself feeling at ease. You experience compatibility that flows naturally.

You can even access more high vibrational feelings like gratitude, joy, and excitement in the presence of this person. Likewise, you may feel more connected with yourself and be able to enjoy a deeper and more peaceful, loving, and natural state.

2. You’re able to let go of your story – your ego – in their presence. 

Being able to let go of feelings of competition is a powerful sign that you’re connecting truly with someone. When you’re comparing yourself to another, you’re likely feeling insecure. Feelings of shame, inadequacy, and overall yuck take over.

But when you’re energetically connecting with someone, you experience a sense of freedom. You can exhale. You see each other as equals, and there’s no need to compare.

3. Spending time together brings you into the present moment.

In the same vein, being with this person brings you directly into the present moment. You aren’t stuck in the past, overthinking what you’re saying and feeling. And you’re not anticipating the future, wondering what you will say or do next. Instead, this person’s energy resonates with yours and you’re able to enjoy the here and now.

Being in the moment allows you to feel free, spontaneous, and happy. Because as Thich Nhat Hanh says, “Life is available only in the present moment.”

4. You can be quiet together.

Interestingly, being able to be still with someone is a sure sign of vibing. You’re so comfortable with this person that you don’t even need to speak. Just “being” with them is sometimes enough.

Energetically you’re connected and creating space for quietude, with no need to fill in the gaps. When you can be with someone and feel a quiet sense of contentment, you’re energetically connected.

5. You feel safe sharing more about yourself.

When in the company of this person, your walls come down. It’s easier to be vulnerable around them, to share a range of feelings you may have, and to feel that you are being heard. You can reveal things to them and feel freer after having done so.

There a safety in this connection. Because your vibes and energy come from your entire being, this isn’t something you know in your head, but rather something you feel in your heart and your gut.

There is no feeling like this in the world!

6. You’re able to connect on many different levels.

At times you’re able to joke around and be silly with this person, and the next minute you’re able to share what’s something that’s on your mind and bothering you.

In the course of a day so many things can come up. With this person, it’s okay to share everything without fear of being judged. Because you’re able to let your walls come down, you’re able to communicate on different levels with ease spontaneously.

7. You know in your heart that this person truly wants the best for you.

Because this connection is pure you don’t see them as above you or beneath you, but rather as an equal.  Within that connection is pure affection – and a genuine feeling of wanting the best for each other.

8. Your vibes elevate in their company.

You’re able to access higher and higher vibes with this person. Inside, we are all vibing high – but our stories, beliefs, and sometimes old emotional wounds can bring us down. Being with this person allows you to feel a resonance that may lift you higher, and even carry you out a negative state.

In fact, a goal is to surround yourself with people who keep you balanced in your natural frequency or uplift you into a higher one.

Being with them reminds you of your true nature.

9. You feel happy, content, and at peace after you spending time together.

I wish I’d known this years ago! Isn’t this the truth?

Because the energy between you is pure and loving you always feel elevated after spending time together, even if you’re going through something difficult. When the energy isn’t aligned you will feel a nagging sense of something’s off. You know deep down that you weren’t connected in a healthy way.

If you find yourself second-guessing things you said or didn’t say, the energy isn’t well matched.

On the other side, when you’re connecting on a pure level, you leave interactions feeling at peace – even if you said too much. Your person understands, and you don’t have to worry.


Keeping our energy clear:

Keeping our energy clear and vibrating high is our job. When we’re able to keep our vibes high we can attract people at higher and higher energies.

But maintaining high vibes can take work. Take time to find out what you need to do to keep your vibration clear and true – just like you! As you do this work, whether it be meditation, breathwork, journaling, studying, etc., you will find new people entering your life that reflect the higher state that you’ve attained.

You can also bring your highest self to the connections you already have, and help to energetically shift loved ones into a higher state as they feel your vibes sending them kindness and love.


I hope you enjoyed this story. Do you have any thoughts on connecting with others energetically? I’d love to know. Please share in the comments below.

For now, happy vibing!









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