What Do Moms Need for a Fantastic Summer? See This List

Summer is finally here! It’s time to think about what every mom needs to enjoy this season to its fullest!

Sometimes in the middle of planning summer camps, or, if you’re like me, getting reacquainted with having your college student child reentering homelife, it’s easy to forget about someone very important – YOU!

Therefore, I’m sharing a list of things you can do and have to ensure that you have a fabulous summer! Let’s start checking off the list now:

1. All moms need a great book to dive into this summer.

Have you ever thought about how much reading you can squeeze in throughout the day when you have your book available? Think of the little moments of downtime that happen while you wait to pick up your kid from practice. Or the idle time you have while sitting at your desk having lunch?

Select a fantastic summer book to indulge in. And for fun – see how many fascinating books you can squeeze in this summer! Be sure to carry it in your (beach :-) bag every day.

 2. Moms deserve a luxurious morning routine – including a perfectly prepared cup of coffee to start the day.

Next, be sure to take a moment to reestablish a new early morning routine that will complement the summer you have in mind – including your favorite cup of coffee.

Do you have a favorite recipe right now? I love Jessica Seinfeld’s dairy-free coconut coffee recipe. You need to try this – it’s so good.

Another great option I’ve discovered is adding the Laird superfood turmeric creamer. If you haven’t tried adding this to your coffee – please do! You will love it.

Now, picture yourself making your ideal cup of coffee and taking a few minutes to sit outside, relax, and enjoy the early morning sunrise.

3. Commit to starting your summer days in a state of alignment.

The hectic pace of summer can pull us out of alignment very quickly. And being aligned takes a level of commitment and work.

So, how do you do that? First, try reading a few pages from your favorite spiritual book (see mine here), or try meditating by using the calm app. Consider taking a screenshot of an inspiring quote to look at it throughout the day.

Next, take time to create a meditation altar in a private corner of your home. Seeing sacred items on your altar along with your favorite meditation pillow can serve as a reminder to remain grounded and open to joy every day.

4. Decide upon a new summer mantra – (moms deserve a happy and healthy mindset!)

So, what is your summer mantra? If you don’t have one yet – maybe consider one of these:

I am content, joyful, and at peace.

Summer is my time to explore the natural beauty all around me.

I find peace and tranquility in the quiet moments of my day.

Now take a look here at ten more ideas for more summer mantras. See if any resonate. Write one down and place it somewhere you will see it every day.

5. Bring cut flowers into your space as often as possible.

Now is the time to bring fresh-cut flowers into your home and/or office. Also, look here for tips on some of the best flowers to use in cut arrangements.

Now, allow the flowers to inspire you as you create, cook, entertain, or relax.

Also, consider adding flowering shrubs to your yard if possible. Having a garden outside affords you the opportunity to cut flowers to bring inside. This is a luxury that keeps giving every year.

6. Plan an outing with your girlfriends (a mom luxury and a need!).

No summer is complete without a girls’ dinner or weekend. It’s so important to get together and celebrate one another. How would you have gotten through this past year without the support, encouragement, and humor that your friends provide?

Connect with friends by scheduling a leisurely lunch in the city one day or inviting a few close friends to your lakehouse one weekend. Increase your vibes by committing to spending quality time with friends that you love and adore.

Look here for inspiring locations for girls’ getaways.

7. Update your vision board – a place where you can cultivate dreamy plans.

Do you have a vision board right now? The beginning of summer is a great time to set forth your vision for an ideal summer ahead.

Try taking an hour or two and dedicate it to visualizing how you want your summer to look and feel, and put it into motion by collecting words and images for your vision board.

Remember to keep it somewhere that you will see often!

8. Tickets to a concert/event that you can’t wait to attend.

If you’re vaccinated – get a concert date on the books!

We’re in the Boston area this summer and are heading to Tanglewood in a few weeks. I can’t remember feeling this excited about a concert.

So try checking your local venues and see who’s coming to town this summer. Then, book your tickets and have something fun and exciting to look forward to right now.

9. Get your summer playlist in order.

Do you have a summer playlist currently?

Take a few minutes to make an upbeat playlist to listen to over the summer while you’re lounging at the pool or even cleaning up your kitchen. The music can set the mood for the vibe you’re going after this summer.

See Cosmo’s list of songs for summer 2022 here.

10. Pick a day just for you – (we all know moms need this!)

Look at your calendar and find one day that you’ll take off as a personal day just for you. You may want to spend it exploring your hometown or packing up a bag and umbrella and heading to the closest beach.

Whatever you do, tell your family that you’re “taking five.” You’ll be reading, relaxing, and enjoying a day all to yourself.

Make sure you go out to lunch somewhere you’re eager to try and enjoy sitting and having a lovely meal. Maybe you can read a chapter of your book while you sit in peace.

Remember that summer is more than a season. It’s a feeling. There’s a lightness in the air, and the energy of celebration and excitement surrounds you. Taking steps to build mindfulness into your summer routine will allow you to experience these joys daily.


To summarize, summer is an exciting time for everyone. Feeling carefree, happy, and grateful is what summer’s all about. When you give this gift to yourself, you can share it with everyone around you.

So take the time to plan for and think of things you and moms everywhere need to make the most out of every last minute! You deserve it.

(This post was originally published on June 27, 2021, and has been updated for timeliness and clarity.)

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