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Nurturing Female Friendships: Words of Wisdom from Influential Women

In our ever-changing, fast-paced lives, our female friendships…
March 2, 2024/by Tricia Rose Stone

How to Have a Successful Relationship With Jay Shetty’s ‘8 Rules of Love’

Love is something we all strive for, but it seems hard to find…
February 15, 2024/by Tricia Rose Stone

Finding Joy in the Everyday: How ‘The Book of Delights’ Transformed My Perspective

The Book of Delights isn't likely a book you'd sit and read in…
February 1, 2024/by Tricia Rose Stone

Friends Drifting Apart: Is There a Loving Way to See This?

Just the idea of friends drifting apart may unleash waves of…
January 30, 2024/by Tricia Rose Stone

A Weekend in Amsterdam: Discover the Hidden Gems of the Vibrant City

We packed in a lot during our weekend in Amsterdam! I'm not a…
January 26, 2024/by Tricia Rose Stone
Woman has busy kitchen. Taking a moment to enjoy her daughter.

I’m Sorry I’m Not a Perfect Mom: Overcoming Pressures of Perfectionism

When you know, you know. And I know that "I'm sorry, I'm not…
January 24, 2024/by Tricia Rose Stone
Chapter 16 of the Tao Te Ching

Tao Te Ching Chapter 16: Discover the Secret to Finding Peace Amidst Change

Do you ever feel overwhelmed by the constant changes happening…
January 19, 2024/by Tricia Rose Stone
Cozy giveaway this January!

Enter Our Cozy Giveaway and Delight in the Perfect Trio: Book of Delights, Nest Candle, and French Soap

Are you up for a comfortable and cozy giveaway?

I'm starting…
January 17, 2024/by Tricia Rose Stone
inspirational quotes 2024

10 Inspirational Quotes to Embrace Life in 2024 and Beyond

Words have the power to shape our minds and experiences. I've…
January 15, 2024/by Tricia Rose Stone

Slow Down, Reflect & Connect: Why This Blog Is for You and for Me

Well, it's been a whirlwind of activity since I last checked…
November 27, 2023/by Tricia Rose Stone
Positive affirmations enhance self-esteem, boost self affirmation, and increase positive mental health.

Seven Positive Affirmations to Help Enjoy Social Connection More

Let's face it! Managing ourselves is one thing, but keeping our…
November 20, 2023/by Tricia Rose Stone

Want to Enjoy the Holidays? Lowering Expectations Might Be Just the Trick

Are you feeling anxious about the upcoming holiday season?…
November 19, 2023/by Tricia Rose Stone
Slowing down to enjoy.

Slow Down to Find Calm & Clarity – Verse 15 of The Tao Te Ching

Finding moments of stillness and silence in a world constantly…
November 15, 2023/by Tricia Rose Stone
Close friends. Sometimes expecting perfection. Opening ways for new relationships to form.

Letting People In – Why It’s Hard and How You Can Start

Are we all becoming more guarded these days? It seems we were…
October 4, 2023/by Tricia Rose Stone

July Giveaway: Friendship, Crystal Bracelet, and Pop-Open Cards

I'm very excited to announce that my July giveaway is live!
July 24, 2023/by Tricia Rose Stone

Tao Te Ching Verse 14: Formlessness, Intuition, and Harmony

In the Tao Te Ching Verse 14, Lao Tzu opens our eyes to the energy…
July 24, 2023/by Tricia Rose Stone
Morning routine

Create Your Own Morning Routine With These Five Solid Steps

Creating your own morning routine can be fun! Right after your…
July 21, 2023/by Tricia Rose Stone

Honoring Motherhood : How It Grows Us Into Our Highest Selves

Motherhood: the ultimate masterclass of life! Or so I believe.…
July 19, 2023/by Tricia Rose Stone
The power of moments. It's the moment that we remember.

11 “The Power of Moments” Quotes to Inspire and Get You Thinking

The Power of Moments is filled with quotes and stories that truly…
July 14, 2023/by Tricia Rose Stone

Ready for an Island Fix? Here Are Ten Fun Things You Can Do in Nantucket

Nantucket town feels straight out of a postcard, with its quaint…
July 13, 2023/by Tricia Rose Stone
Image by Freepik

Seven Thought Provoking, Heart Touching Quotes About Friendship

Can you imagine navigating the ups and downs of life alone? I…
July 13, 2023/by Tricia Rose Stone
Signs: Secret Language of the Universe

Develop Your Own Secret Language With “Signs: The Secret Language of the Universe”

If you're reading this right now -it's a sign! You must read Signs:…
June 30, 2023/by Tricia Rose Stone

Our Minds Are in Sync! The Proof Is in This Blue Sweater

The story starts with a twist. And by the end, you will agree:…
June 28, 2023/by Tricia Rose Stone
Vision book - like a vision board. Creative project. Learn to make a vision book. Photo by Estée Janssens on Unsplash

How to Create a Vision Book In Four Quick and Easy Steps

There are many ideas for making a vision board, but what about…
June 28, 2023/by Tricia Rose Stone

Discover the Secrets to Your Higher Self With Psychic Astrologist Jill Jardine

Jill Jardine is a long-time psychic, yogi, healer, and astrologer.…
June 25, 2023/by Tricia Rose Stone
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ABOUT Tricia Rose Stone

“Through rose colored glasses we can begin to look within and see our true beauty and extend that vision out to see the love and beauty in the world around us”

There was a long, winding journey that led me to the discovery of Rose Colored Glasses.

When my daughter was just three months old, and I was 30, an unexpected and painful divorce launched me onto a long path of healing and discovery.

Through therapy, intensive workshops, journaling, and meditation, I faced down difficult feelings – which, as I began to discover, weren’t all tethered to the divorce. I uncovered older emotions, long buried deep inside, waiting to be healed.

My journey into motherhood brought joy, adventure, and its own unique challenges. A turning point occurred when my daughter, who I raised as a single parent since infancy, turned 16 and opted to go live with her father.

The uncomfortable feelings surfaced again, and with them came questions like: Am I enough? Am I worthy? Am I capable?

In plumbing the doubts and the answers I found within, I realized I could reframe this experience as a gift. Our time apart offered a time of growth for both of us, and an opportunity for new connection as well.

This emboldened my belief in a loving universe that continually urges us to grow through our challenges, empowering us to become more fully who we are here to be. This initially painful experience ultimately helped free me from my old doubts.

My wish is to build a community that supports women to honor and celebrate their own unique paths, while recognizing how deeply connected we all are. Through “rose colored glasses” we can see the goodness and kindness within us, and then project our deepened sense of self-love outward. We can see a loving world that reflects back to us the truth – that we are loved, we belong, and we are worthy.

*Tricia and her husband are currently busy blending their family along both coasts, splitting time between Boston and Los Angeles. She has an 18 year old daughter and 3 adult stepdaughters.

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