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motherhood quotes!

Nine Powerful Quotes on Motherhood: Rejoice in Pure Wisdom

What they said. Some of our favorite quotes on motherhood to inspire you on your journey
November 29, 2022/by Tricia Rose Stone
rethinking holidays - lowering expectations

Holiday Plan: Lowering Expectations Might Be Just the Trick

Are you feeling anxious about the upcoming holiday season?…
November 27, 2022/by Tricia Rose Stone
positive affirmations

Seven Positive Affirmations to Help Enjoy Social Connection More

Arming yourself with positive affirmations may help you to feel…
November 26, 2022/by Tricia Rose Stone

Women’s Lunch Place Holiday Cards: Giving Back in a Most Meaningful Way

The Women's Lunch Place has a lovingly karmic story to share.
November 22, 2022/by Tricia Rose Stone

Nine Powerful Takeaways from “Attitudes of Gratitude” by M. J. Ryan

"Gratitude reminds us to be like plants, which turn toward, not…
November 19, 2022/by Tricia Rose Stone
MJ Ryan

Bestselling Author M.J. Ryan: On Coaching, Writing, and Gratitude

Meet M.J. Ryan, a coach and author specializing in many facets…
November 18, 2022/by Tricia Rose Stone
Gratitude Revealed - a scene from the film

Gratitude Revealed: A Movie That Will Lift Your Vibration! (See My Ten Favorite Quotes)

Gratitude Revealed recently played one night in a Boston theater.

November 17, 2022/by Tricia Rose Stone
Holiday season is here

It’s Here! Enjoy the Holiday Season With These Helpful Tips

Yes! It's possible to truly enjoy the holiday season. Take a look here to discover how.
November 14, 2022/by Tricia Rose Stone
Seeing in a new way.

Don’t Let Others Control Your Happiness. See in a Powerful New Way.

Don't let others control your happiness!

How is it even possible…
November 12, 2022/by Tricia Rose Stone
Woman writing love letter to herself

How to Write a Love Letter to Yourself – And Why It’s Surprisingly Effective

How often, when something bothers us, do we look toward others…
November 9, 2022/by Tricia Rose Stone

December Giveaway: A Book of Meditations, Tea, and a Sparkly, Pink Santa Hat

This morning was eventful! I shipped the gift items to the November…
November 3, 2022/by Tricia Rose Stone
Woman painting a design on a rock

Verse Six of the Tao Te Ching: Creativity Is Who We Are

Verse Six of the Tao Te Ching teaches us that we are born as…
November 2, 2022/by Tricia Rose Stone
Creative expression. Viewing a Matisse painting.

How I See It: Art, Music, Creative Expression, and More

I grew up in an artsy home. And creative expression was part…
October 30, 2022/by Tricia Rose Stone
A rose with a crown on a pedestal

Four Revealing Reasons to Stop Putting Someone on a Pedestal

I've done this! Maybe you've done it, too. But why do we do it?…
October 29, 2022/by Tricia Rose Stone
Frida Khalo

Frida Kahlo: Quotes on Art, Love, Laughter, and Darkness

Frida Kahlo's quotes and paintings share a glimpse into the world…
October 28, 2022/by Tricia Rose Stone
Conscious Creativity

Conscious Creativity: A Guidebook for Living a Colorful, Creative Life

In Conscious Creativity: Look, Connect, Create, Philippa Stanton…
October 27, 2022/by Tricia Rose Stone
two deep pink roses

Maya Angelou: See Ten Fierce, Enlightening Quotes About Her Mother and Motherhood

Oh, how I wish I'd read this book in 2013 - the year it was published!…
October 24, 2022/by Tricia Rose Stone
woman meditating on beach

My Seven Favorite Meditation Teachers Along With Links for You to Enjoy

Great meditation teachers are rare!

Are you seeking a fresh…
October 19, 2022/by Tricia Rose Stone
Young girl looking in mirror

Dr. Becky at Good Inside: Reframing Parenting with Support, Clarity, and Mindfulness

Dr. Becky at Good Inside has gone viral!

And for a good reason.…
October 17, 2022/by Tricia Rose Stone
single woman

You’ve Been Single for So Long, Are You Ready for a Meaningful Relationship?

Maybe you've been single for so long. But long is long? Long…
October 15, 2022/by Tricia Rose Stone
Rosy Retrospection

Rosy Retrospection – See Why The Here and Now Is Actually Better Than You Think

Rosy retrospection. Hmmm, okay?! What exactly is that?

October 12, 2022/by Tricia Rose Stone

EmpowerHER: Supporting Girls and Young Women Who’ve Lost Their Mothers

empowerHER is a one-of-a-kind non-profit that supports girls…
October 11, 2022/by Tricia Rose Stone
November giveaway!

November Giveaway: A Memoir, Caramels, and a Hot Swkash!

I'm back with a lovely November Giveaway!

Win this giveaway…
October 6, 2022/by Tricia Rose Stone

Verse Five of the Tao Te Ching: Give Kind Energy Equally to All

Verse Five of the Tao Te Ching teaches us to perceive all as…
October 5, 2022/by Tricia Rose Stone
mom living a full life - walking down street

Live Your Life Fully – It’s a Blessing to Your Child

"There is no greater burden to a child than the unlived life…
October 3, 2022/by Tricia Rose Stone
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ABOUT Tricia Rose Stone

“Through rose colored glasses we can begin to look within and see our true beauty and extend that vision out to see the love and beauty in the world around us”

There was a long, winding journey that led me to the discovery of Rose Colored Glasses.

When my daughter was just three months old, and I was 30, an unexpected and painful divorce launched me onto a long path of healing and discovery.

Through therapy, intensive workshops, journaling, and meditation, I faced down difficult feelings – which, as I began to discover, weren’t all tethered to the divorce. I uncovered older emotions, long buried deep inside, waiting to be healed.

My journey into motherhood brought joy, adventure, and its own unique challenges. A turning point occurred when my daughter, who I raised as a single parent since infancy, turned 16 and opted to go live with her father.

The uncomfortable feelings surfaced again, and with them came questions like: Am I enough? Am I worthy? Am I capable?

In plumbing the doubts and the answers I found within, I realized I could reframe this experience as a gift. Our time apart offered a time of growth for both of us, and an opportunity for new connection as well.

This emboldened my belief in a loving universe that continually urges us to grow through our challenges, empowering us to become more fully who we are here to be. This initially painful experience ultimately helped free me from my old doubts.

My wish is to build a community that supports women to honor and celebrate their own unique paths, while recognizing how deeply connected we all are. Through “rose colored glasses” we can see the goodness and kindness within us, and then project our deepened sense of self-love outward. We can see a loving world that reflects back to us the truth – that we are loved, we belong, and we are worthy.

*Tricia and her husband are currently busy blending their family along both coasts, splitting time between Boston and Los Angeles. She has an 18 year old daughter and 3 adult stepdaughters.

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