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A Focus on Giving Back

Shining a spotlight on inspirational women making a difference…
January 25, 2021/by admin

A Focus on Giving Back – Remy Schaefer Stressenger

Remy Schaefer Stressenger is the Boston based fashion and accessories…
January 25, 2021/by Tricia Rose
peonies with latte

Treating yourself with kindness

Together we can explore many ways to be kinder to ourselves.…
January 23, 2021/by admin
woman writing in journal

Morning Pages – A Daily Ritual

In late March, after being home for a few weeks, I purchased…
January 23, 2021/by Tricia Rose
women lens in hand looking out at horizon

Her Lens on Life

We all have a story that deserves to be heard and shared. Here…
January 21, 2021/by admin
woman in blue sweater

Beat the Winter Blues With These Eight Tips

We've put together eight quick tips for beating the winter blues. Have a look here to learn more!
January 19, 2021/by Tricia
gold locket on rope

The power of connection and community

Here we explore the importance of relationships in all respects;…
January 19, 2021/by admin
glasses upside down with view

New Perspectives

Come here to see beautiful inspiration and ideas that go deeper…
January 19, 2021/by admin

Rediscover Your Hometown

Take a break from your usual routine and set aside some time…
January 17, 2021/by Tricia
Downtown Detroit in lights

Seeing Detroit Through New Eyes

Seeing Detroit as my new home wasn't something I had ever imagined.…
January 15, 2021/by Tricia
Woman connecting with friends on zoom

Eight Fun Ways to Connect with Friends Remotely

It's impossible to imagine that we were all spending time with…
January 13, 2021/by Tricia Rose
Kate sitting on gazebo

Kate Botts

Boston is so lucky to have a stylist like Kate Botts! She blends…
January 10, 2021/by Tricia Rose
women in v-neck dress

Easy and Versatile Dresses for January

January in Kate's closet - discover 4 easy and versatile dresses that are sure to up your chic game and make dressing this winter a breeze.
January 8, 2021/by Tricia Rose
mother leading child through garden

Motherhood Reframed

By embracing motherhood as a powerful transformational force,…
January 6, 2021/by admin
Gap year student on mountain

Gap Semester – A Mom’s Perspective

See how an unexpected detour to a gap semester turned out to be one of the highlights of 2020.
January 6, 2021/by Tricia
pink coffee cups with view of London

Inspirational Quotes for the New Year

Inspirational quotes may take us a long way as we enter this…
January 4, 2021/by Tricia Rose
woman looking at images - getting inspired for vision board

How To Make A Vision Board For 2021

A vision board is a living, breathing creation. It’s a form of communication between you and this magical, expansive universe. A vision board sends the message: “This is who I am, and this is what I’m ready to receive.”
January 1, 2021/by Tricia
woman in sunlight looking out at water

How I See It

My personal epiphanies on daily life, finding purpose, and the…
December 29, 2020/by admin
woman in straw hat at edge of pool

So Much to Say About 2020!

Lessons from 2020
December 29, 2020/by admin
sparkler with pink lights

Hindsight in 2020- What Members of Our Community Learned This Year

Looking back on 2020. We asked a members from our Rose Colored Glasses community to share things they learned as we wrap-up this unprecedented year
December 26, 2020/by admin

Ten Charities That Support Women and Children

Ten Charities to Give to this Holiday Season with Missions of Helping Women and Children
December 17, 2020/by admin
show woman looking into store window with mask on

7 Tips for Overcoming Feelings of Loneliness This Holiday Season

7 strategies for coping with loneliness during this pandemic holiday season
November 30, 2020/by admin
everlane blouse camo

Three Effortless Holiday Looks Featuring Jeans You Already Have in Your Closet

KATE’s Closet
Three effortless holiday looks featuring your own black jeans
November 30, 2020/by admin
oura ring with pink glasses

Why the Oura Ring Should Be on Your Wish List This Year

Here’s why the OURA ring is currently our favorite new thing in Wellness
November 30, 2020/by admin

How Angelique Mango Found Her Spiritual Home in India

Jewelry designer Angelique Mango on finding her spiritual home in India
November 29, 2020/by admin
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ABOUT Tricia Rose Stone

“We can begin to look within and see our true beauty and extend that vision out to see the love and beauty in the world around us”

When my daughter was just three months old, and I was 30, an unexpected and painful divorce launched me onto a long path of healing and discovery.

Through therapy, intensive workshops, journaling, and meditation, I faced down difficult feelings – which, as I began to discover, weren’t all tethered to the divorce. I uncovered older emotions, long buried deep inside, waiting to be healed.

My journey into motherhood brought joy, adventure, and its own unique challenges. A turning point occurred when my daughter, who I raised as a single parent since infancy, turned 16 and opted to go live with her father.

The uncomfortable feelings surfaced again, and with them came questions like: Am I enough? Am I worthy? Am I capable?

In plumbing the doubts and the answers I found within, I realized I could reframe this experience as a gift. Our time apart offered a time of growth for both of us, and an opportunity for new connection as well.

This emboldened my belief in a loving universe that continually urges us to grow through our challenges, empowering us to become more fully who we are here to be. This initially painful experience ultimately helped free me from my old doubts.

My wish is to build a community that supports women to honor and celebrate their own unique paths, while recognizing how deeply connected we all are. Through “rose colored glasses” we can see the goodness and kindness within us, and then project our deepened sense of self-love outward. We can see a loving world that reflects back to us the truth – that we are loved, we belong, and we are worthy.

*Tricia and her husband are currently busy blending their family along both coasts, splitting time between Boston and Los Angeles. She has an 18 year old daughter and 3 adult stepdaughters.

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