Top 10 Self-Help Books of All Time – My Rave Reviews

In the world of self-help books, I am a serious connoisseur. I love them. Each always offers something new and inspiring. I’ve read at least 100 and hope to read 100 more.

Choosing my top 10 is like choosing among my best friends (actually, this is true). Very challenging!  Here is my best shot:

1. A New Earth – by Eckhart Tolle (all-time best self-help book)

Have you ever read a book and had an a-ha moment while reading every single sentence? This is that book for me.

Written with piercing truths and insights, Tolle takes us on a journey to the only place that ever matters – the present moment. He teaches us that we are here to move beyond our minds and into a timeless, transcendent dimension within. Here, we can find our true nature – pure joy.

2. A Thousand Names for Joy – by Byron Katie

Katie’s beautiful teaching reads like poetry. Her prose is clear and concise. Her message is consistent and true – reality is kind.  She tells us that life is exactly as it should be and that only our ‘thoughts’ about reality cause suffering.

3. The 5am Club – by Robin Sharma

This book is a gamechanger. Sharma takes his years of working with high-performing clients and reveals something they all have in common – discipline! In the form of early morning exercise, mindfulness, and intention setting, they accomplish more over time than their peers. The key to ‘mastery’ isn’t an inborn genius; it’s consciously building a life that reflects the commitment, passion, and balance required to achieve your wildest dreams.

4. The Untethered Soul – by Michael Singer

In this self-help book, we begin to recognize that we are the witness to all of the thoughts and emotions that constantly bombard us. He teaches that by stepping back into the witness position, we can enjoy our ever-changing lives instead of living in constant reaction to everything happening in them.

5. The Universe Has Your Back – by Gabrielle Bernstein

This book is about learning to trust that everything is happening for us. And I mean everything. Even when things don’t seem to be aligned, we are being guided. Also, she teaches us to lean with faith into the vast wisdom of the universe, and our outcomes will be far better than we ever imagined.

6. A Return to Love – by Marianne Williamson

Based on A Course in Miracles, Williamson teaches that only love is real. This revelation comes through as an unfolding of truths that are profound and resonate deeply. Throughout life, we learn fear, but we are born of love, and love is our true reality.

7. Radical Acceptance – by Tara Brach (most comforting self-help book)

Tara Brach teaches us to mindfully observe and accept all parts of ourselves, especially those parts of ourselves we most want to avoid. Her words read like a salve. Also, this is the book I turn to when I’m feeling sad or upset in some way. After reading, I realize that I’m able to access self-compassion by witnessing, honoring, and accepting everything that I feel. There are peace and love on the other side.

8. Atomic Habits – by James Clear

This is maybe the most actionable self-help book I’ve read. Tiny habits become more meaningful habits that can significantly impact the trajectory of our lives. This book is full of easy tips to implement that can help us to create systems that get results.

9. The Language of Letting Go – by Melody Beattie (best daily reflection self-help book)

Healing from codependency, this book gives daily guidance focusing on our relationship with ourselves and our higher power. Most importantly, we can feel peace and fulfillment by having healthy boundaries and choosing to love ourselves first.

10. Life Loves You – by Louise Hay and Robert Holden

Louise Hay generously shares her journey into self-love and teaches us that when we can look at ourselves in the mirror and truly love who we are, our whole life reflects this love in vast and meaningful ways. Therefore, life can be wonderful when we love ourselves, and allow life to love us, too.


Self-Help Books: Summary

These are the books that have meant the most to me.

Do you recommend any self-help books? Please let me know! I’d love to hear your favorites.


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