Mothering Ourselves – What We Can All Learn From Maisie

My parents are visiting this weekend with their new puppy, Maisie.

Maisie is so cute, so busy, and needs a lot of motherly attention. So the three of them stay downstairs in our guest room, and my parents tag-team, making sure Maisie is getting enough exercise, sleep, attention, and hugs. (We’re about to take her out for her first walk to the ocean in a few minutes. Stay tuned!)

Watching my mom and the happiness she’s feeling with her new baby makes me realize how much we love to “mother.” We start out mothering our dolls, sometimes enforcing stringent rules! (My daughter was tough – many time-outs for her dolls over the years, lol!)

Then along the way, we get to take motherly care of our pets. After, we get to mother our children. Mixed in there, we often find ourselves mothering our friends and family members when they need us.

We are born mothers.

But when we grow up and move on with life – who is there to mother us?

Maybe there’s an invisible contract we don’t even realize – but we quietly step into the role of mothering ourselves.

What does this mothering look like? I can say for myself that it’s an inner voice that sometimes whispers quietly and at other times speaks loudly. Sometimes I follow the advice when I hear, “Slow down. Take better care of yourself.” Or, “It’s time for a time-out. Take some quiet moments for yourself today.” During the times I listen well, I ironically (ha!) feel more rested, happy, and content.

Other times I’m like a stubborn teenager, and I avoid that calming, wise inner voice. So I choose to rebel, and without a doubt, I find myself paying for it.

In this exciting time, our worlds and lives opening back into full swing – let’s not forget to mother ourselves. We know how to do it. When in doubt, think of Maisie: rested, well-fed, exercised, and very loved.

Sending love to you all. Happy long weekend!

Ps: Do you need to feel more self-compassion as a mother?

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