Anchor and Sail: A Terrific General Store Filled With Heart and Style

Anchor and Sail is a charming, bustling gathering spot in our small town of Cohasset. It’s a packed-to-the-gills market overflowing with everything and anything you could need in a pinch. The owner, Megan Fales, former food and design stylist for Martha Stewart, opened Anchor and Sail in the summer of 2019 and transformed a super charming, unoccupied space into a venue where the community gathers to buy the perfect breakfast sandwiches or decadent home-baked cookies.

Anchor and Sail is a special place where small children head over for ice cream after soccer practice. Likewise, women swing by to grab coffees and pull together last-minute items for gatherings at their homes.

A general store is defined as a retailer located in a small town or a rural area. What makes general stores unique is their purpose of providing a multitude of merchandise in typically smaller spaces.

Anchor and Sail succeeds in doing all of this and more. Let’s take a look at some of the offerings in store:

An assortment of spring salads. Image from Anchor and Sail.

1. An abundance of food options await at Anchor and Sail.

Starting at the beginning, Anchor and Sail serves ice cream! Then, next to the ice cream section young patrons can shop for various candies to purchase and take home.

The store also has an extensive sandwich station with a menu that changes regularly. In addition, a pastry chef on hand consistently serves up homemade baked goods of all kinds. I can tell you the sticky buns and morning muffins are popular in my house.

A sizeable refrigerated counter hosts many prepared foods; including salads, sides, and entrees. Anchor and Sail also offers a vast cheese selection and charcuterie. Resting on shelves along the store are gourmet food items, including vinegar, oils, salt varieties, pasta, and more.

Seasonally the store offers fresh-pressed juice. Of course, you can always swing by to pick up wine and beer. And Megan and her team provide a personalized catering service for those in need.

2. A wide assortment of home goods and merchandise is available.

Anchor and Sail offers many housewares if you’re in the market. Stop by and shop glassware, barware, plates, cups, napkins, coffee mugs, you name it. In addition, serving platters, cutting boards, beach bags, teacups, etc., line the shelves inside.

Gift bags and cards available at Anchor and Sail.

3. Shop last-minute gift ideas at Anchor and Sail.

Anchor and Sail continues to expand their merchandise to include more gift ideas. Shop for candles, puzzles, games, journals (impressive selection), and more. Then, browse through the long line of cards (above), grab a gift bag, and you’re good to go!

I love the journal assortment at Anchor and Sail.


Anchor and Sail front porch

4. Open seating options encourage lingering and enjoying your visit.

Patrons can sit on the front porch and watch the town stroll by. This table, along with a long row of chairs facing Main Street, invites community members to gather. A bench located near the main door is a regular gathering spot for kids to sit and eat their ice cream on warm summer days.


Wrapping it up:

General stores have long been a staple of small, rural communities across America. It’s so lovely to see this one, and hopefully, so many others, thriving.

If you live in the Boston area, consider taking a road trip to visit Anchor and Sail. Learn more about the store here. In addition, you can follow them on Instagram here.

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