Favorite Find: Rifle Paper Co. Rose Themed Stationery Set

I’m so excited to announce a new giveaway!

While shopping at my favorite general store, Anchor and Sail, I recently discovered a stationery set by Rifle Paper Co. that caught my eye.

The rose-themed set includes rose-styled paper clips, paperweights, erasers, sticky notes, and more. You will love this gift!

Also, from Rifle Paper Co. I’ve added a rose-themed keychain.

Included in this giveaway is a notebook ready for you to inscribe “Big ideas.”

Lastly, not pictured in the image, Megan, the owner of Anchor and Sail, added in a Fredericks & Mae Wildflower Seed Paper Cannon.

Enter to win below!



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  1. Linda
    Linda says:

    What beautiful content you have I especially loved reading about your mother’s new fur baby! What a cutie! How’s it feel to have another sibling!? Lol Fur sibling!

  2. Mari Lewis
    Mari Lewis says:

    Love your site. What a great way to start the day. Thank you for the giveaway! I’m a big stationary officianado. I’m still old school!


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