Emily McCavanagh – Building a Supportive, Loving Community Through Fitness and a Focus on Wellbeing

A busy mom of two teenagers, Emily McCavanagh began her training business F.I.T. ( Fitness Inspired Training) in Boston well over a decade ago, shortly followed by opening the FIT House studio in Manchester, MA. 

Her goal is always to inspire people and help them connect to a healthier lifestyle through customized fitness and weight management programs. Emily is committed to educating, inspiring, and challenging people both emotionally and physically.

Her love of fitness and her ability to teach and share her knowledge allows her to provide engaging, exciting, and motivating classes. She’s committed to helping every person “Find their Fit.” (www.trainwithfit.com)

The best advice Emily’s ever received, and what makes her very proud:

RCG: What has been the most helpful advice you’ve received?  

Emily: The most helpful advice I have received came from my dad when I was in my twenties. I was struggling to find myself. At times I found myself working several jobs, none of which left me feeling fulfilled. I felt like I was getting kicked down A LOT !! My dad and I were talking, and he said, “Kiddo, in life, you are going to get knocked down, but how you get up is what’s important.”

It was simple advice but led to a significant shift in perspective that would help shape how I handled challenges in the future. The knockdowns still come, but each time, the way I get up and move forward is different. If I focus less on being down and more on how or why I lifted myself up, I can navigate most things that get thrown my way. 

RCG: What are you most proud of? 

Emily: This question has lots of answers and depends on the stage of life I’m in, but one constant for me is that I am proud of my marriage and the commitment my husband and I share to invest in each other and our children. 

On what lifts Emily McCavanagh’s spirit daily:

RCG: Is there an example you can share of how another woman has lifted you up? 

Emily: I make a point in life and in business to surround myself with people committed to being open, honest, funny, self-deprecating, and loving. So, fortunately for me, I am surrounded by women who lift me daily.

I am grateful to work as a fitness trainer, where I get to interact with various types of women who share their unique perspectives about life. When women enter my studio and share with each other, that lifts me up. Or when women thank me for helping them feel better about themselves, that lifts me up. Also, when women are vulnerable with me, knowing I will handle their words with care lifts me up.

On the daily rituals that bring her joy:

RCG: What is a small and simple daily ritual that brings you joy? 

Emily: I practice finding the good. A few years back, my husband was coaching, and one of the families was very difficult. It was taxing and draining. One day my husband said, “I have 16 kids on this team, and I am choosing to focus on just one family vs. finding the good.”

The phrase finding the good struck a chord and has become a daily practice for me. There are many things in this world to get frustrated about, but I choose to spend my time trying to take those things and look for a positive spin. This doesn’t mean I try to sugarcoat everything, but finding the good helps change my perspective. It also allows me to feel less defeated about things I might not have the power to change. 

More about Emily McCavanagh – her motto, favorite way to connect with her spirit, and what she admires most about herself:

RCG: Name a quality that you admire about yourself? 

Emily: I’m proud of the way I listen to people. I have dubbed myself an “active listener.” I listen intently to what people are saying. I ask thoughtful questions. And, when necessary, I follow up to ensure people know they are loved and supported.

RCG: What activity makes you feel most connected to your inner beauty? 

Emily: I love going for walks on the beach. When I am training, I’m working hard both physically and emotionally. Walking, especially on the beach, allows me to slow down my mind and central nervous system. I have the chance to be and enjoy the sound of the ocean. I enjoy the feeling of the sand beneath my feet. Also, I stop to appreciate the beautiful treasures, like sea glass, that sometimes cross my path. 

RCG: What is your motto or mantra? 

Emily: Oh, finding the good for sure. Sometimes I throw in a small but mighty to remind myself that we little guys can fight back if we need to :).

RCG: If you were wearing your rose-colored glasses, what place would you most want to be to revel in its awe and beauty? 

Emily: My happy place is my fitness studio. When I walk into that place, I immediately feel like someone has hugged me. I feel very fortunate to be in a career where I “do what I like, & like what I do.” I feel proud knowing I’ve created a space where people feel open to share, challenge, and love themselves and each other.

RCG: That so inspiring – and something to truly be proud of. Thank you so much Emily for sharing your story.

Follow Emily McCavanagh’s journey on Instagram here.

Learn more about her fitness studio here. 



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