Perfect Beach Bags and Hats? See Kate’s Stylish Recommendations

Kate’s back with some stylish, fun, and (dare I say) practical options for beach bags and hats this summer. And although we’re moving into July pretty quickly, she’s reminding us that it’s not too late to update!

RCG: Hi Kate! I’m looking forward to seeing your recommendations on summer beach bags and hats. Do you have any overall thoughts to guide us as we look glance through these summer accessories?

Kate: Yes – I think it’s best to not think of this as just a seasonal purchase, but rather as an investment. Try not to think of these items as getting you through one summer, but rather as items you could use every summer.

If you are an avid beachgoer –  it’s a great idea to consider investing in a high-quality hat and bag.

RCG: Okay, great! Let’s get started.

Anya Hindmarch Beach Household Tote $295

A splurge. This durable canvas beach bag will last for many summers.

RCG: Why did you choose this bag?

Kate: I like that it’s versatile. Beach bags don’t all have to be made of straw. It’s nice to have a more durable bag like this one.

RCG: Online, the company states that it’s made of recycled bottles. That’s very cool.

Kate: Yes, very. This designer is into sustainability. She’s a British designer that I’ve followed for the last 30 years. Her work has really expanded over the decades. She’s one of those constants that I turn to all the time.

RCG: I like the two different strap lengths.

Kate: It’s just an overall great summer bag. You can take all the items you need – towels, toys, books, etc., throw them in, and you’re good to go.


Charlotte Straw Tote from Everything But Water $125

A beach bag that doubles as an everyday bag.

Kate: I chose this bag because it’s for every day as well as for summer days at the pool.

RCG: Super cute. This is a beach bag but also has a chic, stylish look.

Kate: It’s multi-faceted. I would use that as a day summer bag as well as a beach bag.

Valencia Seagrass Tote by Everything But Water $68

An affordable beach bag that has a crossbody option.

Kate: This bag has a great price point and has a crossbody feature that adds more options.

RCG: I love this price point!

Kate: Exactly.



Hunter’s Tote Bag, Open-Top at L.L.Bean $39.95

A multi-functional bag perfect for a day at the beach.

Kate: I have this bag and love it. It’s my old gym bag. The difference with this one is that it’s waterproofed inside. You can throw all of your wet items in, and you’re good to go. Then you can take this bag home and throw it right into the washing machine.

RCG: Great. Do you like camouflage?

Kate: Yes – I’m partial to the camo.

RCG: Would you recommend medium, large, or extra-large?

Kate: That depends on the size of your family. I’m partial to the large option.

RCG: I like the variety of choices offered here. I’m going to buy one – probably the Charlotte Straw Tote.

Let’s move on to the hats:

Lanza Women Wide Brim Straw Panama Roll up Hat Fedora Beach Sun Hat UPF50+ $29.95

Affordable, stylish fedora from Amazon.

Kate: I found two great hats on Amazon. They have a great selection right now.

I like this hat as an alternative to the super-wide brim hat. Also, you can walk around and wear it during the day. It doesn’t have to be relegated to the beach.

Another great, affordable option from Amazon is the Sunday Afternoons Women’s Sol Seeker Hat.

RCG: The fedora is flattering. I definitely love the price!


A chic hat perfect for a summer day.

RCG: What do you think of this one?

Kate: Love this one. Yet it’s at a different price point. This will last longer. If you are a sun-seeker, I recommend investing in a high-quality hat like this one that take you through many summers ahead.

RCG: Is this strictly a beach hat?

Kate: Not necessarily. You can wear it all day. Wider brim straw hats are great for coverage to wear on a walk. Try wearing it all day –  walking down the street, shopping, meeting friends for lunch.

RCG: It seems like more women are wearing hats out and about lately.

Another image of the Madaket hat above with a pompon feature.

Savana by Helen Kaminski $200

Durability and style all in one hat.

Kate: This is a higher price point. I have a client that has several of these hats. They’re really durable. She has several different styles in her closet, just stacked on top of each other.

RCG: That’s fun! I like the idea of building a hat collection.

So, do you have any other tips?

Kate: I would say – invest in the better quality if you are actively in the sun all summer.

RCG: Some hats travel really well. I have a David Beaton hat similar to the Madaket hat featured above and it’s amazing how it flattens into my suitcase when traveling. I take it on every holiday and it always looks great.

Do you find you can wear these hats with anything?

Kate: Yes – pretty much! You can wear them with a maxi dress. You can throw one on with some cutoffs. And, the fedora would be fun with denim cutoffs and a white t-shirt.

RCG: Thank you so much, Kate, for providing these amazing tips! You do all of the work and make it so easy for us to find exactly what we need – even when it comes to a range of stylish beach bags and hats.

Kate: My pleasure!


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