Surprising Top 10 Most Viewed Blog Posts of This Summer

I can’t believe 1) we’re this far into the summer, 2) this blog is nine months old, and 3) I’ve got my top 10 blog posts of the summer organized and ready for you to see!

Starting this blog was like taking a deep dive into unknown territory! It was pretty nerve-wracking at first. I knew I wanted a place to share stories with other women but didn’t know how I would feel actually publishing pieces onto the internet.

Also, I had no idea if people would read them.  Maybe I could count on two people – my mom and my dad. Lol! Then I realized it didn’t matter – I would keep creating content because I enjoy doing it! Also, even if a few women were to see a story, and it inspired or helped them somehow, it was worth it.

Thank you for reading! I love working on these stories! Needless to say, when I checked google analytics, I was surprised to see that some of these stories are making it to your device.

Here are the top ten most viewed stories of the summer:

The top of Prescott Beach

1. Marblehead, MA: One of My Favorite Seaside Towns in  New England

I guess it’s easy to understand why this story had the most views! Marblehead is such a gorgeous little town. Even if I only presented a slideshow of photos taken by an amateur like me, this post would be A-OK. I loved spending time in Marblehead this summer and plan to get back again as soon as I can! (I want to shop more on Main Street and maybe catch a sunset over the harbor.

Check out my favorite things in Marblehead here.

2. Perfect Beach Bags and Hats? See Kate’s Stylish Recommendations (Top 10 stylish blog post of the summer)

I don’t know how closely you’ve followed Kate’s recommendations – but she is simply the best. Her stories can all be found under the “New Perspectives” headline on the website.

I love this story because Kate suggests high-end and affordable pieces with staying power. The photo above is of a Peter Beaton hat. I actually splurged and bought this exact hat 4 years ago while on Nantucket. This is one of my favorite things. It packs so well in a suitcase. You can throw it on, and you’re good to go!

Kate’s recommendations never go out of style. Read more about beach bag and hat recommendations here.

3. Explore Tribeca NYC: Check Out This Vibrant Block I Stumbled Upon

This was one of the best weeks of this summer. I was thrilled to get back to one of my favorite places on earth – NYC! I’d never spent time in Tribeca before. And it was such a wonderful place to stay! From Bubby’s to the Greenwich Hotel, we absolutely loved this town. If we ever had the chance to live in the city, we would live in Tribeca.

Read more about my trip to Tribeca here.

(Definitely the most spontaneous, unplanned top 10 blog post of the summer!)

grandma book

4. What’s Inside Grandma’s Book? The Generous Gift of Her Truth

Definitely my favorite story of the summer! I loved this story and the story behind this story. My mom and I have a soul connection. We’ve been through a lot together. And whenever I see her, she provides ample material to share. She’s wise beyond words.

But she’s also funny and has a way of delivering lines. This story captures both sides of her. I’m glad so many people read it, and I hope it inspires them to get their story onto paper. We need to share our stories with the younger generation. Only then can they truly understand where they came from.

Learn more about Grandma’s Book here.

woman in field rethinking priorities

5. Rethinking Priorities: How to Benefit From Surprising Insights of This Past Year

This is a thoughtful piece that shares insights from our beloved Dr. Barbara Green. I sat down with her for a conversation on her thoughts about resurfacing from lockdown. In this piece, Dr. Green encourages us to take the time to reevaluate what we learned about ourselves during quarantine consciously and to bring this knowledge into our lives every day.

I liked her discussion on discovering if we’re more introverted or extroverted than we realized. And I like the idea of mindfully integrating everything we now understand about ourselves and our priorities.

If you missed this intriguing discussion (maybe the most thought-provoking top 10 blog post of the summer)- take a look at how we can rethink our priorities here.

6. What Do Moms Need to Have a Phenomenal Summer? Check Out This List

This is a light and fun piece that I hoped would give moms everywhere a starting point for putting themselves first (even just for an hour per day!) to make this a summer that they truly enjoyed.

I loved the images I found for this story through Getty istock images. I hope that seeing the pics and reading the list put moms (like me) out there in a summery mood!

Read the list of things moms need for a fabulous summer here.

two women laughing and connected.

7. How Does It Feel When You Connect With Someone Energetically? Inspired and Free

This story (like most here) I wrote because I’m in the process of learning more about a topic. In this case, I was thinking about friends that line up energetically. Everything is EASY! I enjoyed researching this and writing about it.

After writing this, I realized how rare and special this is.

You can read about how it feels to connect with someone energetically here.

summer reads - book on table

8. 10 Engaging, Fascinating Summer Reads. Take a Look! (Top 10 I can’t wait to get started on these books blog post of summer)

This turned out to be a fun post. I corralled many friends with different perspectives for this story and asked what they were reading this summer! I’m reading the book pictured in the photo now. It’s so good! I love finding out what people are into.

Have you read any of these? Let me know in the comments! I plan to carry this list into the fall and read more of these books before the end of the year.

Check out my list of summer reads here.

9. Preparing For Empty Nest? See Six Strategies to Support You

As I mentioned earlier, I write about things that I need to learn about! This fall, I’m finally moving my daughter to college. She was a 2020 grad – so this was a long time coming!

I really like the way this story came together, and I hope you like it too! I have experience with her living away. She moved to western Canada to live with her dad during high school, and I share some of my thoughts here.

Read my six strategies for preparing for an empty nest here.

Woman listening to her friend.

10. Why Is Listening So Important? See 11 Valuable Reasons (Top 10 research-y blog post of the summer)

I wrote this when we were “reentering life” socially, and I was struck by how strange and exciting it felt to be back in action.

At the time, I found myself listening more. I was interested to hear how others were feeling, and I noticed how much everyone wanted to feel seen and heard. Connecting in person again (almost in a brand new way) is a big deal! And I want to become a better listener.

My nerdy self comes out through in this story. I like to research and pull together ideas that I think might be interesting and helpful.

See a summary of my research findings/ along with my thoughts on why listening is so important here.


Thank you so much if you’ve read some of these stories! I hope you enjoyed these top 10 blog posts of the summer! I’m looking forward to sharing more every week. Stay tuned!


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