Nine Last Minute Things to Do This Summer – To Soak It All In!

Summer is flying by! Do you feel the rapid pace of summer rushing to the finish line? Don’t worry – there’s still so much time to savor these warm summer days and nights. Here are ideas of things to do this summer (if you haven’t already!)
(These are photos I’ve taken over this season. I hope you enjoy!)

Cohasset harbor as seen from Atlantica restaurant

1. Sit outside and enjoy a meal with a view.

We live in the tiny beach town of Cohasset and love sitting outside to take in the view whenever possible. Something about warm summer breeze paired with a glass of white wine always seems to hit the spot.

2. Rise early to greet a sunrise.

Watching the sun peek over the horizon and rise to its grand crescendo in the morning starts the day in the most magnificent way. I know it’s early! But making a plan to watch the sunrise might be just the thing you need to bring joy and summer magic into your day right now.
Look here for more early morning rituals.

Cohasset town green

3. Take part in an outdoor event in your community.

Of all the seasons, summer is the time our community gathers together. Recently, an art center in our town hosted a fundraiser in our central town green. We gathered in lawn chairs and watched Moonstruck on an inflatable screen! It was so fun! And it felt like a throwback to an older way of life when people relied on their community for support and connection. This is a great time to take part in an event if you can.

The High Line in NYC

4. Get out and explore your city.

Everything looks and feels so different in the summer. Cities come to life! Recently we visited NYC and explored the High Line – an elevated park that weaves through and around residential buildings and provides a unique perspective. It was one of the best days of the summer! I felt so connected to the energy of the city. Everyone was out and about enjoying a gorgeous summer day.

5. Enjoy your favorite summer meal.

I’m a big fan of oysters – as you can tell. Everything tastes fresher when dining outside. Make a plan to get out and enjoy your favorite summer meal with someone you love.

A view over Preston Beach in Swampscott, MA

6. Get lost in nature – a carefree thing to do this summer.

I took this photo on a bluff overlooking the ocean near Marblehead, MA. I like how it’s simple, open, and free. Let your creativity run wild as you play and get lost in nature for a day. Landscapes are beautiful in every season – but summer feels like the most dazzling time to get out and enjoy it all.

Sun setting over Hingham Harbor, MA

7. Spend a day on the water this summer.

Whether in a boat, kayak, or on a paddleboard – get out onto the water this summer if you can. There’s no feeling like being on the water and appreciating the coastline from a new perspective. (The sunsets aren’t so bad either)

8. Prepare a special meal for your friends and family.

Before the business of fall sets in, take the time to organize and host a dinner. Everything is better when shared – so take the time to celebrate with people you love and enjoy.

9. Slow down to take it all in.

This may sound silly after all the exciting ideas I’ve suggested above. Yet, maybe the most important thing to do is to take a few moments to stop and appreciate the magical beauty of this season. Everything is in full bloom. There is peacefulness and tranquility in the moment. Mother Earth shows us the abundance and bounty of this season we love.
Have a moment of reverence for this ever-changing world that we get to enjoy and watch through every season. Stop to say “Thank you” for everything that you see.
Ps: There’s still time to squeeze in a summer read. Get some ideas here.


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