Explore Tribeca NYC: Check Out This Vibrant Block I Stumbled Upon

I’ve always loved New York City.  So when the opportunity came to explore Tribeca in NYC for a few days, I couldn’t resist.

When researching Tribeca, I found this in the Compass neighborhood guide: “In the 70s, this formerly industrial neighborhood transformed into a haven for the city’s artistic community. Painters, photographers, and sculptors flocked to Tribeca and took over enormous abandoned lofts. Big open spaces became the homes to galleries and studios of some of the most famous New York-based artists. ”

Okay, so that’s pretty amazing. Now I knew it would be my mission to get out and explore. Luckily I didn’t have to go very far! I discovered three amazing spots, all on one block.

I’ll show you them all here:

Greenwich Hotel

1. The Greenwich Hotel in Tribeca, NYC

After researching different hotels – I decided I wanted to stay at the Greenwich Hotel.

The minimal entry and eclectic decor in the three main rooms won me over. The front sitting room has multiple lounging areas – all cozy and welcoming. There’s an interesting collection of art throughout that makes you feel like you are in a collector’s private home.

As you can tell, I loved this hotel. The back sitting room has a parlor feel with low lighting and lux colors and textures. And the outdoor courtyard is inviting and chic.

Now, on to our room. According to Forbes Travel, “Each of the 88 guest rooms is unique, adorned with global influences such as Parisian antiques, Moroccan tilework, Tibetan rugs, and repurposed Japanese lumber. The brainchild of Robert De Niro, this boutique property is yet another resplendent addition to the ever-expanding Tribeca neighborhood.”

Needless to say, our room was definitely my favorite part of our visit. The plank floors, private patio, eclectic furnishings, and killer bathroom won me over. The bathroom had a large, deep free-standing tub that fills in 60 seconds (they let you know – insider tip!), so you are even more tempted to soak in the tub every day.

The shower is not an ordinary shower. It has that super-powered water pressure that I love. The hotel provides unique handsoaps (I didn’t get the name – but will find out) that make the room feel even more personalized.

Unfortunately, I never made it to the spa. But I will be back!


2. A Tribeca landmark – Bubby’s

After getting settled, we headed out in search of a fun place to have lunch.
Right around the corner, we discovered Bubby’s! Let me tell you – It is so good.

We are “breakfast all day” kind of people and were thrilled to see that Bubby’s agrees. My husband ordered the huevos rancheros. I ordered the caesar salad. And, we shared the pancakes.

Everything was so good. Like out of this world good. But the pancakes. There are no words. They are literally the best pancakes I’ve ever had in my entire life. I spotted the Bubby’s cookbook in the window and will be buying it today.

Side note – we dined at several fine establishments during our stay but, on the way home, when I asked my husband what his favorite meal of the trip was without hesitation, we both said, “Bubby’s!”

3. Next Up – Cafe Atelier in Tribeca

On the second day, I went out in search of a cool place to sit and work. A few doors down from Bubby’s, I discovered Cafe Atelier. As you can see in the picture, this cafe combines two of my favorite things – coffee and flowers – into one space.

I love this combo and wonder why more coffee shops don’t consider this merger. As I sat and looked around the room, I saw a “flower corner” where a woman was working to put together floral arrangements. I could see rows of items for purchase along another wall, including tea, candles, and more.

Cafe Atelier has a wide selection of coffee drinks, but you can also buy alcohol, cookies, many other treats, and while you’re at it – a gift for your mom. I enjoyed spending time in this space and am jealous that I don’t have a cafe like that near me every day.

Items for sale at Cafe Atelier


4. Other thoughts on exploring Tribeca in NYC:

I don’t know if you’re like me – but when in NYC, I find myself walking, walking, and walking all day long. I like seeing the neighborhoods change as I move along.

Another striking thing I love about Tribeca is the feeling of openness. The streets are wide, and you can see out to the Hudson River in many areas – making this neighborhood feel a bit less congested and more comfortably civilized.  The entire area feels clean. And the restaurants have a decidedly artsy feel. The facades of the buildings are gorgeous. This is one amazing place!

We will be coming back to spend more time exploring Tribeca NYC! And hopefully very soon.

You can enter to win a candle and tea from Cafe Atelier here:

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