Eight Spiritual Quotes on Motherhood That Celebrate and Inspire

How do you explain the nuances and depth of motherhood in a few words? I’ve put together some spiritual quotes on motherhood here. Have a look and let me know what you think!

1. Deciding to become a mother is welcoming a personal transformation on every level. This bravery is not acknowledged enough.

Don’t you find this to be true? Even though we may not consciously realize it at the time, we are choosing a path that will challenge and grow us in ways we never could have imagined. That’s true bravery. We willingly and lovingly open ourselves to this lifelong adventure. All mothers deserve a moment of appreciation and recognition.

2. You sometimes think you don’t know – but in time that myth unravels and you realize that no one on earth knows your child like you.

Have you been there before? I know I have. Yes, of course, there are times when I need help to understand her more. But, in the end, I know her very well!

3. The frequency of motherly love is simple – pure love.

Thinking of all the different forms that love takes in our lives, this one is very clear. This spiritual quote on motherhood reminds us that our love for our children is pure. We give, and we love giving. We love without any conditions. And, we learn what true love feels like, even when sometimes it requires letting go.

4. Every wound, insecurity, and fear I’ve ever had presents itself more in the context of motherhood. This is my opportunity to heal.

Motherhood has a way of drawing forth our insecurities and fears in its own unique way. Fears of letting our child down, or of not being “enough” in some way, can rise to the surface during some of the challenging moments. But, those fears are coming from within ourselves and we have to opportunity to see them clearly and to address them. This can open the door to healing.

5. Areas of my heart are ignited and alive in new ways that I’ve never felt before.

The joy of motherhood – how do we even describe it?  The word that comes to mind is heart-bursting. It’s beautiful beyond compare.

6. Of all the souls in the galaxy, we matched. We are soulmates.

Have you noticed how women are saying to their children, “Thank you for choosing me?” When you think about the endless number of possibilities it is pretty astonishing when you think about the one that came into your life, each time. We matched, and we get to go on this journey together. We are soulmates and this spiritual quote on motherhood shares this beautifully.

7. In choosing to become a mother, I’m welcoming more love, alignment, and purpose into my life.

Amen. The word that jumps out the most to me here is purpose. This spiritual quote on motherhood reminds me to find more purpose because everything I think, say, and do matters.

8. Who was I before you came along? Good question!

Yes – who was that girl? One of the things I’ve thought about lately is the importance of remembering who I was before motherhood came along. But, seriously, what I do know is that motherhood has brought me to where I am today: more patient, understanding, and wise. And the new lessons keep coming along every day. Here’s to the great adventure!

I hope you’ve enjoyed these spiritual quotes on motherhood. Do you have any to share? Please comment below and let me know. I would love to hear from you!


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