Blossoming and Becoming: A Letter to Expectant Mothers

There is a stack of gifts next to her, all beautifully wrapped. On top of the pile of gifts is a small little white envelope – a letter to an expectant mother.

The new mother-t0-be sits quietly, her cheeks pink and glowing. But as she turns away for a moment to check her phone, you see a quick flash of nervous energy. She opens the envelope.

Here’s what it says inside:

Dear Jenny,

Today is such an exciting day. I’ve watched you grow up from a little girl with pigtails, and to see you today, in this way, is wonderful to see.

I bet you can’t even imagine the extraordinary journey that lies ahead for you and this tiny baby. And that you can’t imagine how epic this is going to be! You will feel more than you’ve ever felt before. This is a beginning for you.

I wanted to write you this note to share some thoughts and wishes for you as you begin this journey.

First, please be kind to yourself. You are going to do so many things right, but you will make mistakes, too. Nevertheless, you are here to learn and grow, and this won’t ever stop, so don’t worry about that. The lessons are all gifts to us.

There seems to be a lot of pressure to do everything “right,” but don’t look too far outside because you have everything you need inside of you. You don’t even know it yet. Nor do you have to. The experiences that lie ahead will reveal everything you need to know in time.

This child is coming to you because you already are the perfect mom for her. You don’t have to change who you are. You have all of the qualities that she needs. You’ve been matched. Think about it – of all eight billion souls; she is the one chosen for you. What a pair!

You are going on this journey to learn and grow together. Your baby is tiny, but she is wise. She has so much to teach you. You will be amazed at the things you will learn!

So, my wish is for you to breathe it all in.

This blessing belongs to you.

More than anything, remember that your tiny baby will be watching you. She will know when you’re hard on yourself. She will sense your exhaustion. She will feel it all.

So be good to yourself as much as you can. Show your child how self-love looks. Show her how it feels to embody self-acceptance. It’s okay if you’re on the path to discovering more of these things for yourself. Allow her to witness your process one day at a time.

When you wake up in the morning, commit to being softer and kinder to yourself. The words you tell yourself will impact the words your child speaks to herself one day, so choose them wisely.

You don’t have to be perfect; you only have to be you.

Your baby already loves you more than you can imagine.

She adores you because she knows your heart better than anyone. Therefore, she accepts you exactly as you are.

She’s tough, and she’s wise. Learn from her. She will teach you things you could never have imagined. She has an entire curriculum in store for you! First, of course, you will experience heart-bursting love. Then, you will learn how patient and strong you are, as you move through the early sleep-deprived days.

Also, through her, in time you may also see more clearly your insecurities. You will see your own vulnerabilities. You will see them differently, with more tenderness. You will see that welcoming new life is nothing short of a miracle.

You will also witness your strength and resilience. You will see a fierce love come through you, that you didn’t know was inside. You will work harder for something than you’ve ever worked before. You will amaze yourself in all that you’re capable of doing,

Your child will bring you closer to yourself. Light will shine on so many things you could never see without her helping you to see them. She’s here to help you grow – and move forward in all ways. You will raise her, and she will raise you. 

You’re together in this, you and she. Welcome this experience with open arms. Let yourself see it for what it is: a miracle chosen just for you.

Be kind to yourself. Forgive yourself often. Enjoy every moment.

I hope you enjoyed this letter to expectant mothers. Please share with someone who may benefit from reading!

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This article also appeared in Her View From Home.

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