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Seven Positive Affirmations to Help Enjoy Social Connection More

Arming yourself with positive affirmations may help you to feel more centered, content, and at ease.

Let’s face it! Managing ourselves is one thing, but keeping our vibrations high while interacting with others can be a challenge! (This topic seems more appropriate now than ever as we enter the holiday season!)

So, let’s jump right in.

Here are seven affirmations to try:

standing out - uniqueness

1. I have something unique to offer.

Every person is truly an original.

In fact, everything about you is entirely unique. Your childhood, places you’ve lived, things you enjoy doing in your spare time, sense of humor, life experiences, and all of your likes and dislikes combine to make you one of a kind.

Still, when in a room full of people, you may sometimes feel like a shrinking violet. And as if you’re stories and experiences don’t measure up.

But that’s not true.

There is only one of you.

Your ability and willingness to fully accept yourself are powerful, and even confidence-building.

In fact, according to Kayla Blydenburgh at Lifehack:

“You already know you’re unique. You’ve always known. You are an amazing, rad, totally stellar person! Everyone has their quirks; some are good, and some are not. If you embrace yourself for the good and the bad, you can become even more likable.”

So, enter any social context honoring and remembering this about yourself. And see what happens.

Woman taking things personally

2. I choose not to take anything personally.

Oh boy, this positive affirmation is big!

How freeing is it to be able to enjoy people around you without ever taking them personally?

This has been a hard-earned lesson for me, that’s for sure. But it’s one of the greatest ones I’ve ever learned.

In fact, I can share a story that brought me to this understanding recently. I was at a fundraiser, surrounded by many people I didn’t know.

When I ran into a group of women I knew, but not well, I got a strong feeling that I wasn’t going to be included in their conversation. One woman, in particular, was closing the circle, sharing a story that she probably didn’t want me to hear. So I walked away.

Later, I ran into the same group again. Only this time, they invited me to join them for a drink, and I agreed.

As we gathered at the table in the bar, I noticed her doing the same thing again – only this time it was with me.

I suddenly realized, “This is just how this woman is. It has nothing to do with me!”

That realization led me to drop my guard and just enjoy a fun afternoon spent together. I could let go of all judgment, insecurity, etc.

People are who they are. Period. We need to stop taking others’ behaviors so personally.

This comes down to that famous quote by Don Miguel Ruiz in The Four Agreements:

“Whatever happens around you, don’t take it personally. Nothing other people do is because of you. It is because of themselves. All people live in their own dream, in their own mind; they are in a completely different world from the one we live in. When we take something personally, we make the assumption that they know what is in our world, and we try to impose our world on their world.”

positive affirmation - radiant older woman

 3. My energy is the most important contribution I can offer.

This positive affirmation confirms that your energy affects how you make people feel too.

When you enter a room filled with high vibrational energy, thoughts, beliefs, and words, the energy that radiates out from you is the very thing that connects with others.

So, you have a chance to think, ‘What energy do I want to bring?’

Let’s face it, sometimes it’s hard to muster the energy of joyfulness and enthusiasm. When that happens, reach for words that resonate more at the moment: like free, kind, or peaceful.

According to Sue Kohn-Taylor, of wellness mental fitness:

“Certain people radiate positive energy, and others have negative energy. These vibes become infectious – remember when you were feeling a little down, spending time with an upbeat person, and then felt more energized and upbeat? Or you were feeling upbeat and were completely flattened by a negative energy person?”

And, I’m sure you’ve heard the saying, ‘Your vibes attract your tribe.’

That’s exactly what’s happening here!

Women laughing and sharing stories

4. I reveal what feels comfortable at that moment.

Sometimes it can feel overwhelming being in a group where people share intimate details about their personal lives, jobs, family members, etc.

You question if you really want to go that deep.

On the other hand, sometimes you may find yourself at a social gathering where the conversation is so on the surface. People are talking away about the weather, summer plans, or holiday plans and it feels dull!

Why not shake it up?

Over time I’ve learned that you can control precisely how much you reveal about yourself.

It’s your choice!

There may be days when you feel like sharing and connecting, and there may be days when you feel like keeping it light.

It’s nice to know that you have an inner gauge. You have the power to share within your comfort zone at any given moment.

5. I choose to be present right here, right now.

This is a powerful positive affirmation.

No matter what’s going on, if you can let go and be fully present you’re able to have an energetically high vibes experience.

You know how it goes. Many times, you can be in a room filled with people, but your mind is elsewhere.

But taking the opportunity to really be with people in the present moment opens the door to a more meaningful connection. I think that’s what most of us are looking for.

Woman validating herself - positive affirmation

6. I validate myself. I don’t seek your validation.

This positive affirmation carries the nuance of Diane von Furstenberg when she said, “The most important relationship in your life is the relationship you have with yourself. Because no matter what happens, you will always be with yourself.”

What does this look like? Maybe something like this: ‘I know who I am. I know my issues, I know my strengths, I know my challenges, and I know my story. But I am who I am, and I validate myself.’

So that means, ‘You’re off the hook!’ (What a relief.)

You know that feeling when someone is in constant need of validation. Let’s face it – it’s a drag.

According to psych central, self-validation includes:

  • Encouraging yourself
  • Acknowledging your strengths, successes, progress, and effort
  • Noticing and accepting your feelings
  • Prioritizing your needs
  • Treating yourself with kindness
  • Saying nice things to yourself
  • Accepting your limitations, flaws, and mistakes

Validating yourself releases others. You can enjoy their company, relax, and enjoy the moment.

Trusting yourself is key, too.

happy woman at peace and filled with positive affirmation

7. I accept you because it makes me happy.

Ok, this one goes a little deep, so stay with me!

When you think about it, judging and actively disliking others causes you pain and disharmony. 

These are emotionally negative energies that bring your vibration down.

Now, I’m not suggesting that you decide to like everybody and want to be best friends.

But, consider ‘accepting’ others because it warms your heart.

Accepting others isn’t the same as liking them. Accepting them is letting them be. Instead of wishing things were different, you’re choosing to feel free.

And if you’re able to quietly wish others well, you’ll be amazed at how wide open your heart can feel. And you will benefit the most.

Don’t believe me? Try it, and let me know.

Wrapping it all up:

These are seven positive affirmations I’ve tried over the years, and they really work!

Try writing one down in the morning as you plan your day ahead. Say it mentally before entering a particularly challenging social scene. Practice them over time and see how they work!

All social connections offer an opportunity for us to more deeply understand ourselves. And to ultimately share the highs and lows of life together.

Let’s try to make them the best they can be this holiday season!


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And are you looking for more ways to care for yourself this season, read these tips today!


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