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New Perspectives: See Inspired Possibilities Through Rose-Colored Lenses

Turn to New Perspectives when you want inspiration! Whether you’re pondering a new place to travel, need a new look for that special occasion, or are seeking the perfect quote to write on that card to your friend, look no further! You will find many ideas here.

According to the dictionary, the word perspective means “a particular attitude toward or way of regarding something; a point of view.” I’m hoping to share optimistic and fresh new perspectives on all kinds of things.

Vision is, in my opinion, the most powerful of all senses because through our eyes, we see and experience the world around us. And a new perspective offers up a  new way of seeing something. It may also invite you to take a closer look or experience something in a different way.

New Perspectives – check out the categories:

New perspectives come in unlimited shapes and sizes. Some of my favorite topics include books, travel, fashion, quotes, and favorite finds.

I include photo books like The Book of Flowers by Taschen and my newest discovery Flower Flash by Lewis Miller. But I’m also constantly reading, listening to, and scouring new books all the time. I’ll add more treasures that I discover along the way.

In the travel stories, I try to include a twist. For instance, in a story about Punta Mita, I share aspects of visiting that I found most spiritual, and in the story on Tribeca, I explore the many delights and discoveries just one square block from the Greenwich Hotel.

I enjoy collecting quotes and sharing some of my favorites here. I recently added favorite quotes from Abraham Hicks and quotes to welcome the new year.

Fashion is another topic in which I love to share new perspectives. But I could not do that on my own (I need help in this area)! My British friend and stylist Kate Botts is on hand to share styling tips and trends for women in their 40’s and up. Kate’s style is timeless. You can look here for her latest suggestions for everything from swimwear to beach bags, holiday tops, and faux leather pieces.

Sometimes I share a story about a unique experience I’ve had, like the Mindtravel Adventure in LA. I offer my take on the experience – maybe you’ll want to try it one day too!

My Favorite Find:

Another section I enjoy writing is My Favorite Find, in which I highlight one thing that I find to be exceptional. An all-time favorite find is The Little Market (a shop based in LA, but you can order online – a great shop filled with unique products made by female artisans worldwide). I regularly update, so scroll through to see if anything jumps out at you! You never know – one may become your favorite find, too.

I hope you enjoy my New Perspectives! Please let me know any thoughts you have in the comments below.

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