What Does “Rose Colored Glasses” Mean to Me?

looking at roses through rose colored glasses

When I was growing up, my mom was often teased for being a “Pollyanna.” She always saw the best in others. She focused on the positive, even when it didn’t seem logical.

Looking back now, I can see that it was her superpower. Her willingness to reach for the most positive idea she could find was a big reason she could move on from a difficult childhood to living an abundantly happy life today.

It was one of the greatest gifts she gave me. Looking at the world through positive and hopeful lenses formed a baseline for my way of seeking higher ground, and always moving forward, and anticipating positive outcomes.

For me, “Rose Colored Glasses” isn’t about an illusionary perfect world, where everything is always easy and ideal. It’s about making a choice and developing the belief that we live in a kind and loving world that longs for us to become the highest version of ourselves.

It’s also a mindset that seeks the good in every person, place, and situation. Keywords include forgiveness, generosity, hopefulness, positivity, and joyful expectation.

Do I wake up every morning wearing Rose Colored Glasses? Definitely not! But I am aware that I’m choosing at every moment. Do I want to see a loving, happy, and forgiving world? I never regret choosing to see the world through “Rose Colored Glasses.”

PS: It’s also noteworthy that I practiced optometry for 20 years under the name Dr. Rose, so as you can see this name is perfect!

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