Is Happiness an Option in the Midst of So Much Uncertainty?

Is happiness an option when there’s so much to be sad about?

Last Sunday, I was reading the NY Times and stumbled on an article that described the end of those carefree summers we once knew. Believe it or not, it wasn’t terribly depressing – but made me think back to that feeling many moons ago when summers were filled with long beach days, melting ice cream cones, and the occasional wild east coast thunderstorm.

Now it’s more complicated. There’s so much (negative, depressing @#$@) happening in the world, and seemingly all at the exact same time. There’s an overlay of worry, stress, and uncertainty that rests peripherally on the collective bandwidth. We wonder, “Will we ever be free from this and feel truly happy again?”

Somehow I can say, for sure, that the answer is yes.

Why do I feel this way? Because we’re learning, and understand our role in taking responsibility for the energy we bring to every situation. We can no longer outsource our happiness to the perfect summer day complete with crystal blue skies and french vanilla ice cream. Now we know so much more. Happiness is not an out-of-reach concept that only a few have access to.  It’s a perception and a mindset that we can all work toward.

A person who is my role model in this area is Amanda Kloots. She lost her incredible husband at the age of 41 from Covid-19. Yet, somehow, she’s been able to harness overwhelmingly loving, hopeful energy. She’s become someone I turn to when I need to feel better. She sets the example.

So, yes, we are capable of rising above while diving deep to find that happiness we seek. The recent events may give us heavier hearts – but maybe also hearts that feel more of everything. We feel more compassion and despair, and also more gratitude and joy. Is happiness an option for the times we’re in now? Yes.

I don’t know about you, but for me, the simplest things brought me much more joy this summer. I must have been paying attention.


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