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Motherhood Reframed: A Time for Your Spirit to Soar

The term ‘motherhood reframed’ turns the conventional idea of motherhood upside down. By embracing motherhood as a powerful transformational force, and reframing it as a personal call to growth and movement toward deep healing, we can view motherhood as a spiritual calling. We are being called forth – to recognize where we have wounds, and how our wounding is being projected onto our children. When we are able to see the wounded areas within, we can begin to heal.

Our children are looking to us for guidance. The way in which we view ourselves, and the world, is the portal through which they will begin to experience it, too. Do we want to show our children a loving world? Do we want to embrace vulnerability, a willingness to learn and grow, and a profound sense of self-love? Do we want to acknowledge that we matter? And that our stories matter? Can we begin to treat ourselves lovingly so that our children will do the same for themselves, too?

Through stories that inspire, mothers everywhere can feel energized, hopeful, and centered as they undertake this heroic, all-encompassing life experience. They can feel more connected to their inner purpose, and more connected to one another. The traditional view of motherhood as being a self-sacrificing time is given new light. Yes, of course, we are here to experience unconditional love. But, in reframing motherhood as the invitation to growth that it is, we can joyfully participate in the process with and alongside our child. We represent a partnership; we are here to optimally grow and evolve together.

Not only are we individually raising children, and growing ourselves; we are collectively calling forth the next wave of consciousness. Our children will carry forward the knowledge and awareness that we’ve achieved. We play an integral role in the greater, evolving consciousness on this planet. Reframing motherhood in this way opens the door to seeing motherhood as ‘our opportunity’ to grow fully into actualizing our larger purpose.


Read my story on how motherhood has been my greatest teacher. My experiences in motherhood, including the deep growth it inspired, are the catalyst behind starting this site. ‘Motherhood reframed’ allows some of the focus to fall onto us. We are here to learn and grow, too. This is our time.

For another idea, see my story on connecting with my inner wise woman here.

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