October Giveaway

October Giveaway: Conscious Creativity and More!

The October giveaway is very exciting!

Creativity seemed like the perfect theme for the month, and these items are sure to inspire.

Items in this giveaway include:

First: Conscious Creativity: Look, Connect, Create – written by Philippa Stanton.

“It’s almost vital to a continuing creative practice to find, invent or identify a personal passion, project, obsession or collection, because not only can it motivate and challenge you, it also means that even when you’re feeling uninspired you will always have a go-to subject to connect with.”
― Philippa Stanton, Conscious Creativity: Look, Connect, Create

The images in this book alone with get your creative juices flowing.  Also, Stanton recommends projects you can do that are simple and fun. She encourages the reader to turn everyday events, like going for a walk outside, into aspirational creative endeavors.

We’ll be talking about this book in October so you’ll be ready to follow along!

Next, a color wheel pencil set in a carrying case that you can take on the go.

And then a journal that caught my eye! I love the quote, “Some days I just know there are big things about to begin. Today, for example.”

And finally, two sugar cookies from milk barn baking co.

Enter to win the October Giveaway below!


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