Remy’s Mental Health Initiative

Bringing attention to the mental health crisis facing our nation is extremely important to Remy Schafer Stressenger for personal reasons. There has been a 30% increase in suicides in our country, as reported by the CDC. Therefore, she sees a critical need for a broader understanding of adolescent brain development and the connection to higher rates of suicide in this vulnerable population. As it stands, suicide today is the leading cause of death among teens – many resulting from overdoses related to depression.

Remy is committed to talking about mental health issues and raising funds to address them. With each purchase of her signature REMY shawl, she donates a portion of the sale to research overseen by Dr. Timothy Wilens, Chief of Child Psychiatry at Massachusetts General Hospital. Dr. Wilens and his team study the adolescent brain’s complexities and treatments that can help and support at-risk teenagers.

Two versions of the REMY Shawl are available for purchase to support Remy’s initiative:

REMY Cashmere Shawl

Wrap yourself up in style and luxury by adding a REMY custom 100% cashmere shawl to any ensemble, any time of the year. Always made with herringbone tweeds, she coordinates buttery leather for the trim creating unique, gorgeous layering. (4 colors to chose from) $500

REMY Shawl

Each REMY shawl is unique and made in limited combinations of wool/cashmere blend herringbone with supple leather added in coordinating colors. It’s the perfect layer for added warmth and style. (7 color combinations to chose from) $320

Each shawl is perfect to wear over your favorite jeans or an elegant dress for an added level of warmth.

To purchase a custom shawl, visit the REMY boutique located at 96 Charles Street in Boston or during the summer season at her Nantucket and Duxbury locations. Reach her online at, or by phone at 617-840-5898.


Learn more about Remy Stressenger and her focus on giving back here.

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