2020 taught me how truly connected we all are.

It took only:

One person’s exposure to a virus, and we were all exposed to the unknown, and a new way of life.

One person saying goodbye to a family member on Facetime, and we all felt a heartbreaking loss.

One high school senior missing out on “normal” graduation, and we all felt that angst at the loss of a major milestone.

One person tragically dying on the pavement at the effect of another man’s anger, and we all felt rage at the injustice.

We witnessed the drive-by birthday celebrations. We felt the warmth of communities coming together, yet also the bittersweet sadness of a new way of being.

Our hearts were broken open and stretched wider.

Although we couldn’t hug one another, we grew closer. We were all experiencing something very big, separately but together.

So many heroes came forward. Essential workers, especially health care workers. Their fierce strength and courage humbled us. We felt a sense of gratitude we’ve never felt before.

Maybe at the end of 2020, we became something more than we were before. We realized how connected we are, and that everything we do matters.

Cheers to a new year ahead!

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