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Hindsight in 2020- What Members of Our Community Learned This Year

2020 Hindsight: With such a whirlwind year coming to an end, we asked some members of our Rose Colored Glasses community to share things they learned in 2020.

Here’s what they said:

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In 2020, I was reminded that singular acts of kindness can change the world one person at a time. Seeing the lovely acts of ordinary people to help perfect strangers — giving up their place in line, picking up someone’s dropped item, waving a car into a lane when the light is GO GO GO green — makes me envision hope for the future.
– Jackie Fearer, Boston, MA


Looking back at 2020, I feel the gift of this year was the removal of the white noise that fills our lives that keeps us from feeling truly present. Work, school, social commitments, and sports practices have all cluttered many of our lives. 2020 has been a year to get grounded, to stand in one place, and be present where our feet are. Too often we are moving fast forward, planning and projecting. Many sentences in 2019 started with, “Don’t forget you have to” or “Make sure you.” While it has been a challenging year full of stress and uncertainty, I can appreciate that there is a silver lining. Being grounded has allowed me to assess my values and priorities, count my blessings, and ultimately to be present.
– Amber Dawson-Meyers Naperville, IL


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For our family, the year 2020 has been a year of self-discovery. As busy extroverts with a high level of school/community involvement, the quarantine model of existence provided many new family bonding opportunities and time for self-reflection. Notably, the forced slow down, allowed us to discover some health problems we otherwise might not have recognized. It also gave us time to evaluate and prioritize our commitments and involvement to ensure they are meaningful.

I believe moving forward into 2021, we will take a new resilience and a fresh perspective with us that will keep us grounded and focused on our authentic and best version of ourselves.
– Kara, Cedar Rapids, Iowa


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2020 has been the year of adaptability, resilience, and truly appreciating good health. I’ve also realized after homeschooling my kids for six months that teachers are the real superheroes!
– Jaclyn Garlich, Boston, MA


2020 was a year of dismantling old structures in our lives to make room for new energies both personally and collectively. It was s a very karmic year with three outer planets in Capricorn. There was no avoidance from dealing with and healing our personal and collective karmas. It was a year to do deep inner work on personal shadow while collective shadow was rampant. Self-care was necessary to whether the waves of uncertainty, anxiety, and fear during the pandemic and political and social unrest. It was a year of resetting our lives and goals and bodies. If one did the required work in their life, whether inner or out in the world, one will emerge from the 2020 cocoon like a butterfly ready to fly in 2021.
-Jill Jardine, professional astrologer and healer


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2020 brought us into the ring. We learned to fight back, fight hard, and never, ever give up. It also reminded us that at the end of the day, our health and loved ones matter most, and that kindness will always be key.
-Victoria Weston, Boston, MA


In 2020 I learned which red wines are my favorites..and I learned that I do actually like chardonnay after all!
-Michelle Monroe, New York, NY

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