What Do You See Through Your Rose Colored Glasses?

What would you say about this past month? Are you feeling a shift? Are you growing weary? Do you feel hopeful? Are you able to find your rose colored glasses right about now?

I’m torn. There’s so much to be grateful for… but I miss everyone! I miss parties, celebrations, and spontaneous gatherings with friends. Also, I miss the feeling of being out and about in a city that’s alive and buzzing. And I miss seeing family more often.

Maybe, we’re almost there…

Good news- my psychic friend said, “In April, we will begin to see a shift.”

I hope she’s right!

Until then, I’m going to try to still enjoy this downtime (and finish watching Bridgerton– currently bingeing). Do you have any tips for staying hopeful and optimistic for a rose colored, exciting, and joyful spring season ahead? Please reach out and let me know!

Look here to see what ‘rose colored glasses’ means to me.

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