See Kate’s Helpful Take On Chic, Casual Jumpsuits for Women

RCG: It seems like this is the season of casual jumpsuits for women! Why is this happening now?

Kate: I think there’s such an easiness with jumpsuits. Wearing one is almost like putting on a dress. Jumpsuits offer an effortless, elegant choice for the busy, modern woman.

RCG: Yes! I love the concept of one and done. So, let’s take a look at what you’ve chosen:

Arie Belted Utility Denim Jumpsuit by Frame

1. Denim Utility Casual Jumpsuit for Women by Frame

RCG: First, starting with this denim jumpsuit. I wonder what made you choose it?

Kate: I like that it has a summery feel to it. And there’s a lot you can do with this piece. For example, you can switch out the belt and use a different one.

RCG: Great idea. Do you like how it’s styled?

Kate: I like how it’s styled on the site with a slip-on heel. But, you can also cuff this jumpsuit one hem length and pair it with a sneaker or flip-flop.

RCG: Okay, great! What kind of bag would you pair with this?

Kate: A shoulder bag, clutch, or even a cross-body.

RCG: Looks good – on to the next one!

Annie Cargo Jumpsuit by Veronica Beard

2. Washed Onyx Denim Jumpsuit by Veronica Beard

RCG: I just noticed that this one is on sale! Do you like how the model is styled in this image?

And what in particular do you like about this jumpsuit?

Kate: I always love traditional pieces that have an edge.

This jumpsuit can go either way. On the site, they have it pictured with a gingham jacket.
However, I would do it with a leather jacket, an oversized blazer, and even a boot. But it also looks great with a blouse underneath, and without one. It’s a super versatile piece.

Not everyone can pull off a jumpsuit, but I think this is one that many women could look and feel great in.

RGC: I’m noticing all the details on the buttons, snaps, and the belt.

Kate: Yes, it’s super cute! In the winter, you could wear this with a turtleneck underneath. It doesn’t have to be relegated to one season. It’s a fall, winter, and spring piece. You can get several seasons of wear out of it.

RCG: Great! This checks the box on an ideal casual jumpsuit for women. Next, it looks like we’re moving on to something completely different.

Gathered Cropped Culotte Jumpsuit by COS

3. Summery Cotton Casual Jumpsuit for Women by COS

RCG: This jumpsuit has a dramatically different look. What made you choose it?

Kate: I love this for the summer. I wanted to offer something entirely different. This one is voluminous, flowy, and chic at the same time. It’s a nice, cool piece.

RCG: What else do you like about this piece? And how would you style it?

Kate: I would style this with a high heel. It would wear nicely on those humid days. Or maybe to dinner at a friend’s house or even outside.

Another styling option is not pulling the drawstring and adding your own belt in nude or black.

RCG: Great! Thank you! Any closing thoughts for people considering trying a jumpsuit but aren’t sure they can pull one off?

Kate: I would say, think of a jumpsuit the same way you think of your jeans. For instance, if you like skinny jeans, look for a jumpsuit that has a similar line. You can find a jumpsuit that flatters your style. There are so many on the market now.

They’re great because they’re easy to dress up and dress down. So they aren’t relegated to day or night.

RCG: Thank you for suggesting these casual jumpsuits for women! I notice two of these are on sale and am buying the Veronica Beard one right now! Looking forward to styling it with you.

Kate: My pleasure!

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