February Giveaway!

February Giveaway Is Live: All Eyes on Celebration, Love, and You

The February giveaway is here!

We’re going to be celebrating love on the blog, and this giveaway is the perfect pairing.

Enter to win two very special items in this February giveaway:

First, the book She…

This is one of my all-time favorite books, written about ‘her.’

“She is wonderfully, uniquely, brilliantly herself. Celebrate her.”

Gift this book to your favorite girl, or look through it and appreciate the many qualities you have within yourself. Other examples include:

“She knows when to hold on and when to let go. Celebrate her grace.”

And, “She is strong enough to keep her heart open. Celebrate her vulnerability.”

My favorite is, “She is an artist, and life is her canvas.”

No matter how you cut it, this February giveaway item is a wonderfully uplifting book for your bookshelf or to give to someone you love.

Next up: the ‘fancy that’ cake candelabra by FRED.

This tiny candelabra can go on your favorite cake this holiday, and you can pull it out again whenever you want to celebrate a special occasion. You will love this item!

This contest begins today, on January 7, and ends on January 28. The items will be shipped just in time for Valentine’s Day!

Enter to win the February giveaway by following the directions below. You can enter as many items as you’d like to increase your odds. Winners will be selected by a computer-automated system and notified by me directly by email to organize shipment.

Best of luck to you, and thank you for playing!

Ps: Are you interested in discovering ways to be kind to yourself? Check this out!

And for several simple ways to practice self-love, look here.

For another inspiring book on the topic, see my favorite quotes from The Mastery of Love here.

And learn more about emotions by seeing these top 15 quotes from Brene Brown’s Atlas of the Heart.

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  1. Tracy Wirick
    Tracy Wirick says:

    I love the vision board idea. It’s something that I have been interested in doing and have decided to do this year. I need to move myself into a new environment and away from negative energy. Therefore, I want to buy a house. I envision my board starting with consistent employment listing different employment agencies to apply through, and then also incorporating pictures of different parts of the area I would like to live in. Thanks so much for the blog and for Encouraging women to care for themselves!


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