Empowering Feng Shui Tips to Beautifully Refreshen Your Home

Out with the old, in with the new! Do you want to freshen up the spaces in your home and open up to joyful new energy? I recently felt the need to look at my home and realized that the dull and even dark energy of this “long winter” needed to go! I know a little about Feng Shui but needed tips from an expert.

Thankfully help wasn’t far away! I was able to talk to Kate MacKinnon, Feng Shui practitioner, mentor, TEDx 2020 speaker, and owner of Everyday Feng Shui. In our talk, she covers some Feng Shui tips that might help you to clear the old, stagnant energy swiftly and welcome in new abundant, joyful energy right now. Let’s see what she has to say about the ancient art of Feng Shui and tips on how we can embrace new energy this spring in the Feng Shui way.

Introduction to basic principles of Feng Shui:

RCG: Can you tell me a little about Feng Shui?

Kate: Sure! Feng Shui is the ancient Chinese art and science of placement using harmony, balance, and flow to balance the positive energy in one’s environment. It’s all about life force chi energy and how it enters and circulates your space.

RCG: That’s fascinating! I need this!

Kate: Yes! We may be talking about placement, but it goes much deeper than that. Your home is a map of who you are, and it reflects what’s going on inside.

While we’re continually adjusting on the outside — the energy of our home — we are also changing on the inside, our inner space!

That’s a compelling part of Feng Shui. It’s what I call acupuncture of the soul.

In practicing Feng Shui, we recognize that space and everything in space has so much energy. And that energy plays a big role in our lives.

RCG: So you’re saying that every object in our homes has more energy than we realize and that the projections we place upon things matter.

Kate: Yes! Everything radiates energy. Even though we can’t see it, we subconsciously feel the vibes all around us.

Our homes reflect how we live and what’s going on in our minds. Through the practice of Feng Shui, we can move energy and send a message of what we want to attract.

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Feng Shui tips – the special significance of springtime:

RCG: Do you have any unique thoughts on refreshing our spaces for spring?

Kate: Yes! Spring is a great time to work through some basic Feng Shui practices. 

In Feng Shui, we often refer to a chart called a Bagua. The spring area of the Bagua chart represents family, growth, and new beginnings.

The element of this season is wood. Right now, it’s all about wood, trees, growth, and green.

It is true now more than ever because of the pandemic. We’ve been in our homes, hunkered down. We can add elements and do our part in the shift in energy that needs to happen.

RCG: Yes! I’m ready to keep clearing space for new energy to come in.

Kate: Exactly!

An important area of focus – the entrance.

RCG: Why is the entrance so important? Why this area more than others?

Kate: This is how energy enters our space, regardless of where we live. We need to think closely about how energy enters your home, building, or apartment.

The entrance must be a clear and inviting space.

Often, people put their bikes, garbage, and outdoor belongings in this space.

But, we’re trying to bring in life force chi energy. The entry is called the mouth of chi. We want abundant chi energy flowing into our space.

Now, imagine that this energy is blocked and can’t enter. The comparison would be like having energy getting stuck in your throat and not entering your body. We want to be sure this doesn’t happen.

RCG: That makes a lot of sense! I have to say I never thought of it that way.

Kate: You want the energy to come in and for the area to feel inviting.

RCG: What are some basic things we can do to promote the flow of this energy into our spaces?

Pay close attention to the front door.

Kate: It’s great to start with a solid wood door. This door represents boundaries. It can have small windows at the top, but it needs to feel secure.

Think about letting the good energy in and keeping the bad energy out.

It’s really important on those levels.

RCG: I can see how that would make me feel more secure. I’ve always loved solid wood doors. What about color? Does the color of the door matter?

Kate: Colors represent different things depending on what you want.

Here are some examples:

Red door – good luck

Bright red – power, protection, luck

Green – life, health, money

Black – career, water, money

Remember it’s very important to choose a color that you love! 

Feng Shui tips for an organized entryway:

RCG: Do you have any suggestions on how people can organize their space? Are there certain things they can do?

Kate: Yes – take a close look at this area. Really take a step back to take it all in. Notice – is the space organized? Are items put away?

In Feng Shui, we like to think “everything has a place, and every place has a thing.” So you want it organized in a way that it’s easy to enter into your space. You know where everything goes. As a result, you feel happy every time you enter your home.


The kitchen – another critical area of focus.

RCG: What are some of your thoughts on the kitchen? How can I get started preparing this space?

Kate: It’s essential to think about what the kitchen represents: health and abundance. In Chinese culture, feeding people is considered part of an abundant lifestyle.

Having a clean kitchen is vital for health. Be sure to clean the surfaces often.

A feng shui tip – burners are the energy generator in your home. They represent wealth and prosperity. You also want your burners working and clean.

Also, you want everything put away and to keep the kitchen tidy. For example, place a few things on the counter if you’re entertaining. Then, when you’re finished using something, put it away. Try not to allow clutter to build on the surfaces.

Feng Shui tips for decorating the kitchen:

RCG: Kate, do you have any thoughts on how to decorate the kitchen?

Kate: Yes! We like white and bright, with colors in the accents. Bring in live plants. They are natural air purifiers.

Also, bring in fresh flowers.

These are both great for bringing the indoor-outdoor feeling into your home.

Fresh fruit is excellent, too. Orange is the color of health, and the number 9 is very auspicious in Feng Shui. Sometimes I like to have a bowl of nine oranges on the island in my kitchen,

An important tip: don’t keep dried or dead flowers. Throw them away.

RCG: Are there any scents you recommend?

Kate: Having things smell good is important in all rooms. Add a beautiful candle that smells good. You want to use all of your senses. Add in beautiful music. It’s about a multi-sensory experience. You can consciously create this in any room.

Feng Shui tips for conscious cleaning:

RCG: For spring cleaning, are there any products you specifically recommend?

Kate: For cleaning, I like to add essential oils. Orange citrus is a great freshener. Orange is the color of health, and citrus represents the energy of health.

Sometimes when I finish cleaning a room, I spray a citrus oil while saying a mantra. This practice can clear the energy of the space.

RCG: That seems like a great idea and is something I don’t currently do.

Kate: Intention is everything. When you’re cleaning a space, you can affirm, “I’m taking care of my home. I’m taking care of my family.”

As we’re doing our dishes, we can think, “I’m doing my part in healing the world from my little kitchen.”

RCG: That’s beautiful!

Kate: It’s intentional and brings cleaning to another level when you consciously do it with love.

Removal of clutter – a Feng Shui must.

RCG: Ugh! Dealing with clutter is hard for me! I’d appreciate some tips from you here!

Kate: This is the ideal time to clear the clutter. Go through everything and let it go, and create an opening for something new to come in.

Pay attention to where clutter lives in your home and think to yourself – “Why do I not like to go here?”

Notice that something is blocking you in this area. Take this time to work through your resistance, clear the clutter, and adjust the energy.

It’s amazing – the papers and things people choose to keep. Sometimes they are items from people they don’t even like and have negative energy associated with them. Now is the time to let them go!

Taking the time to go through and remove clutter can bring about great shifts in your life.


One last Feng Shui tip – clean your windows.

Kate: For spring – windows are essential. You want the windows cleaned! Surprisingly, people don’t always think about their windows. But, you want to have light. The clean, bright energy of natural light makes a big difference.

RCG: Thank you! I’m looking forward to new light and energy entering my home. I would have forgotten about my windows – but I’m going to schedule a cleaning right away.

Thank you so much, Kate, for talking with me about Feng Shui tips for welcoming new spring energy! I’m ready to get started right away!

Kate: You’re welcome! Anytime.


Kate MacKinnon is available for in-person and remote Feng Shui consultations. Look here to learn more about Kate and Everyday Feng Shui. Follow You can follow Kate’s journey on Instagram here.

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(This story was originally posted on May 18, 2021, and has been updated for timeliness.)

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