Valentine's Look - simple chic black top

Kate’s Closet – Three Valentine’s Day Looks

Kate is back with three chic and stylish Valentine’s Day looks! Have a look at what she’s picked this month…

RCG: It’s exciting to consider some fun looks for Valentine’s Day! We can dress up to feel festive and stylish – even though we may be celebrating at home. I can see that you’ve selected some gorgeous items. I want to go through each one and find out why you chose it and how you recommend styling it.

Kate: I wanted to pick a mix of options. Assuming everyone will be at home- everyone will want to be comfortable. But, that doesn’t mean that you still can’t dress up.

Look Number One

Simple black top. Chic Valentine's Day look

Betty Knit Top

Kate: I picked this top by Frame because I felt it would be delightful with a pair of Audrey Hepburn inspired trousers; a lovely sort of pencil pant that hits you at the ankle. You could wear this with a pair of colorful flats or even a heel.

RCG: I like how simple this is. What do you think of the neckline? Do you recommend not wearing a necklace? Like the model in the photo?

Kate: You could do a shorter chain if you wanted to. It depends on how you are wearing your hair. But it’s such a clean, square neckline that sometimes looks better with no jewelry.

RCG: Are you picturing a black trouser?

Kate: Yes! You could also do a winter white, a leather pant… I’m picturing something narrow, and skinny, and comfortable… and with a colorful flat. If you are on a zoom date, you can wear pajama bottoms. At least you will be wearing a pretty top!

Valentine’s Day Look Number Two

Ganni Crispy Jacquard Dress

RCG: So now let’s look at the Jacquard dress.

Kate: It’s very fancy. This dress will be ideal if you live in a city where you can have outdoor dining and actually go out. You can dress it down with a pair of ankle boots or even a sneaker.

RCG: It’s so cool!  I love this dress! I love it because I can tell it’s so comfy. You know that’s important to me!

Kate: Everything I pick is geared around comfort.

You could try it with a black flat, a boot, even a knee-high boot.

RCG: The olive green is different, too. I really like that.

Look Number Three for Valentine’s Day

Marta Jumpsuit by Citizens of Humanity

The third item is the Marta Jumpsuit. So, you recommend this in denim?

Kate: It comes in three colors. The olive green is also really nice if you don’t want to do black. But I really like the denim.

This could be something you could wear if you have a zoom call at home with girlfriends, or even if you are doing a casual evening. You can dress it up with some jewelry and maybe a belt.

RCG: Something about the jumpsuit feels a little bit dressier. It’s like you took a moment to think about what you are wearing. It feels like you’re not just rolling out of bed. You’re actually trying to put a look together!

I’m serious!! Don’t you think?

Kate: Yes, jumpsuits are very versatile and the look is very put together. I would maybe cuff up the hem and wear it with a sneaker or a flat. Keep it casual.

RCG: So cute!  A sneaker or a flat. Both work!

Kate: It’s more of a straight leg. You could even do a Gucci loafer or a flat from Sam Edelman. It’s one of those great pieces that you can make your own.

Having Choices and Feeling Comfortable is Key

RCG: So good! Thank you so much! These are such fun and chic ideas, and they are all at different levels. One seems more casual and fun, the two-piece look is classy and chic, and the dress is a wow! So, depending on your mood -you have a lot of options.

Kate: It also doesn’t mean that you can’t wear that jacquard dress at home.

RCG: You can wear it at home, with a boot – and you’re all set for Valentine’s Day!

Thank you, Kate! You are the best.


For ideas of things to do on Valentine’s Day, look here.



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