November giveaway!

November Giveaway: A Memoir, Caramels, and a Hot Swkash!

I’m back with a lovely November Giveaway!

Win this giveaway and get cozy. You can place your new green velvet on your end table and enjoy delicious caramels by McCrea’s while reading this highly-recommended memoir, The Choice.

I’ll be reading right along beside you. My close friend (who is an avid and very selective reader) recently told me that this is the book to read right now.

So – why wait?! Enter to win today!

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  1. Tracy Wirick
    Tracy Wirick says:

    I love the inspiration of the story. It’s very much needed in my life at this time. I am having a hard time finding the good in the world around me. The story is very inspiring. I’ve been thinking about seeking a therapist and now I think I will go ahead and do that. Thank you.


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