EmpowerHER: Supporting Girls and Young Women Who’ve Lost Their Mothers

empowerHER is a one-of-a-kind non-profit that supports girls and young women who’ve lost their mothers.

It’s hard to even imagine the feeling of losing your mother as a young girl. When a young child suffers a tragedy of this magnitude, we can feel completely helpless. We don’t know what to say or do.

Thankfully we live in a world where women like Cara Belvin take their personal story of loss and transform it into a beacon of light to help girls find their way through the shattering loss of a parent. And empowerHER’s programs offer different ways that you can step up and support Belvin’s collective mission in a meaningful way.

Two paths to service at empowerHER:

EmpowerHER offers two different tracks of involvement: the Mentor Program and Events for Girls.

According to the site:

First, The Mentor Program:

“The MENTOR PROGRAM is offered both in-person and in a VIRTUAL space to ensure that any girl, anywhere, can access a positive, inspirational role model who has also experienced mother loss, and can understand the pain and complexity of grief. Mentors at empowerHER® instill hope + optimism and teach girls + young women that their profound loss is survivable, and that it is possible for their future to hold both grief and joy.”

Next, Events for Girls:

“Girls + young women at empowerHER® can access our exclusive events in-person at different locations across the USA or in a VIRTUAL space through Zoom and IG Live on our private FOR the GIRLS Instagram page. Don’t be surprised to see special guests and celebrities join to remind us we are not alone in our grief. Girls + young women must be enrolled at empowerHER® to receive invitations to our events like the Annual Mother’s Day Retreat and more!”

You can enroll a girl in your life and learn more about this incredible organization here.

And click here to learn ways to become a mentor, volunteer, partner, and more.

By the way, you can even host a pop-up party or Facebook fundraiser to raise funds and awareness in support of this mission!

Special note: empowerHER is expanding its program, in 2023, to include boys, girls, and nonbinary children who’ve experienced the loss of a mother or a father.

Follow empowerHER’s journey on Facebook here.

You can also stay up to date on Instagram too!

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Please share this story with anyone who has a child who might benefit from being connected to this organization, or anyone who might be interested in supporting it today.

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