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25 Meaningful Things to Be Grateful for Right Now

Gratitude has many layers and meanings to discover. It’s not just an appreciation for unexpected surprises, but a deeper feeling of peace, happiness, and acceptance of what is. There are so many things to be grateful for right now.

By tapping into the frequency of gratitude, you open up to experiencing the world in a brand new way. You live in an enchanting, magical world that’s held together by the loving forcefield of gratitude. A sense of belonging and connection overwhelms you, and everything happening now and that’s ever happened seems to make more sense.

In a recent post on gratitude, I wrote about how feelings of gratitude can connect you more with your higher power. By acknowledging the good, you’re indirectly claiming your worthiness to receive. You’re also honoring the greater good in your life – the source that provides endless people, places, opportunities, and things to be grateful for. And when you connect with others in real-time by saying ‘thank you,’ you’re participating in an energetic exchange. You’re opening your heart to receive and to give. Gratitude brings you into the present moment.

Let’s have a look at some of the many things to be grateful for today:

1. Your health – as they say, there is no greater gift than your health.

2. Your energy – this propels you to do, see, have, and experience all this world has to offer.

3. Your comfy bed – this is one of my favorites. You have a safe, cozy place to sleep.

4. Meditation – what a gift it is to be able to consciously relax your mind and enter a place of quiet stillness.

5. Nature – it’s astonishing to think of all the endless gifts nature brings into our lives. From the trees to the ocean to the mountains. Nature brings perfection, potentiality, and downright glorious beauty into our world.

6. Art – it seems art is here to inspire, delight, and enrapture us in endless ways. We can spend a lifetime appreciating art of all forms.

7. Fresh air – what is it about fresh air? It’s exhilarating, energizing, and freeing.

8. Your family – the people in your life that are they for you. Your teachers, soulmates, and love connections.

9. Pets – they bring so much love, laughter, and joy into our lives. That’s their sole purpose.

10. Humor – it’s the best! How boring would life be without it?

11. Music – an art form that carries vibrations from our souls out to the ethos. It connects us all in the most meaningful way.

12. Friends – they never happen by chance. We can be constantly amazed and surprised by the friendships that come along to brighten our world and sometimes to teach us lessons.

13. Travel – who knew travel could be so accessible? We live on one tiny planet with so many places to explore just one click away.

14. Books – these allow us to expand our minds and world in unimaginable ways.

15. Coffee – I had to mention this. A small pleasure that goes a long way.

16. Celebrations – we have so many things to celebrate throughout the year. Everything from graduations, promotions, reunions, birthdays, and holidays. They bring a sparkle to everyday life.

17. Sunlight – all day long, we get to experience the dazzling changing light patterns of the sun.

18. Quietude – that stillness within that offers complete peace. 

19. Teachers – so many teachers in our lives are here to guide us and grow us into who we’re meant to be.

20. Willpower – we were given this power. It allows us to choose what we will focus on and provides us with the strength to achieve our goals.

21. Community – we’re part of a larger, grander scheme than we can ever imagine. Our community allows us to connect with others in so many ways.

22. Emotion – pain, sadness, excitement, contentment. They’re all here to make life feel richer and fuller. Even when difficult, we can be grateful for the growth on the other side.

23. Faith – we have the potential to believe in things that we can’t see.

24. Vision – we can choose to see things in the way we’d like. We determine which lenses we wear when we look out and see the world.

25. Today – every day and every moment carries the potential to feel joy.

I hope you enjoyed this list! Please share with someone today xo


Are you interested in reading more about gratitude? Check out Attitudes in Gratitude by M. J. Ryan.

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