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See Four Vibrant Charities for Women’s Empowerment

This post was originally posted on Dec. 17, 2020 and has been updated for thoroughness and accuracy.

During the holidays, it’s easy to get lost in all of the business of the season. Still, it’s a time when to think about supporting others in need. Many women are dealing with extraordinarily tough circumstances all year. Thankfully there are many ways to give back and support charities for women’s empowerment.

With the support of these charities, women don’t have to tolerate domestic violence and gender inequity. They have a place to turn when they unexpectedly become homeless. And they can be provided resources to help them attract job interviews, prepare for the interviews, and succeed in a new life of their choosing.

Here are four unique charities that support women’s empowerment:

1. Live Your Dream – supporting women living with violence to ‘get out’ and to start a healthy new life.

Live Your Dream believes that women and young girls need more than supportive words and messages to achieve big dreams in the workplace and their lives. They need an actionable plan – including mentors, ample resources, and a curriculum-based program.

They have a second program focused on ending violence again women and girls. According to the site, one in four women will experience gender-based violence in her lifetime. And, according to the Huffington Post, 10,000,000 children are exposed to domestic violence every year. Live Your Dream is committed to educating women and young girls on how to recognize violence and tools to protect themselves against it. The message is clear: Violence is unacceptable.

The Live Your Dream Award is given to survivors of violence – domestic abuse, sexual assault, and human trafficking. Survivors who are selected are living proof that women can and do overcome horrific circumstances and thrive in their new lives. This program includes guidance and tools to help women improve their educational and career options and leave their abusive situation.

2. Downtown Women’s Center –  a charity providing a critical support system for empowering homeless women in LA.

The Downtown Women’s Center (DWC) has the ambitious mission to house all homeless women in Los Angeles, to provide stability through housing, wellness, employment, and advocacy. The Center manages over 119 permanent housing units across Los Angeles and serves more than 5400 women annually.

Through the DWC, women have access to a Day Center where women receive three healthy meals and have access to showers, laundry, and telephones. Through the DWC, women also receive necessary counseling, treatment for trauma, medical care, mental health services, and preventative screenings.

Additionally, the DWC empowers and prepares women to reenter the workforce. They have a wing called MADE by DWC, in partnership with LA:RISE, to assist with job placement and the assignment of transitional jobs.

The DWC provides a formidable resource for women in need.

3. Global Fund for Women – a socially conscious powerhouse driving funding to those on the front line of gender justice and equality.

The Global Fund for Women is a powerful economic force to enforce gender justice and gender equity. The group advocates for “sexual and reproductive health and rights, freedom from violence, economic justice, and leadership” by working with community members and other organizations that empower women.

They define gender justice as an “intersectional approach that centers the diverse needs, experiences, and leadership of people most impacted by discrimination and oppression.” They are committed to creating a movement to transform the traditional model of philanthropy by shifting power to those working on the front lines to promote gender justice. They have a mission to end violence against women in Peru and Cameroon.

The Global Fund for Women strives to provide short-term and multi-year grants to those in need. They also have a Crisis Fund to support women, girls, and other marginalized people in times of acute duress.

4. Dress for Success – preparing women to look and feel their best as they navigate a new chapter in their lives.

Dress for Success believes that all women should have an opportunity to secure employment – and this starts with an outfit to wear for an interview. By “suiting” women, they are providing more than a suit and accessories. They are personally building a woman’s confidence. She walks away knowing that she is supported, respected, and deserves a great opportunity to enter the workplace.

They work with homeless shelters, domestic violence shelters, and more. When a woman secures a job interview, she is referred to a local operations center to be fitted into professional clothing for her interview. She’s also given access to a career services center and other programs to help her advance in her professional and personal life.

Dress for Success is a powerful resource that women need to start on a productive and fulfilling new path.


There are many ways to contribute and get involved with charities that support women’s empowerment. I hope these inspire you to get involved and to make a difference today! Do you know someone looking to give back this holiday season? Forward them this post!


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