Glam It up This Holiday Season with Animal Print and (Faux) Leather Pieces!

As we approach this holiday season I had the chance to ask Kate what she recommends for women who want one special item to carry them through! In this piece, she gives her ideas on four wish list items – including animal print and (faux) leather pieces. Learn what items she’s picked, and her expert recommendations on styling them.

RCG: Do you find that these animal print and faux leather pieces never go out of style?

Kate: Yes. They’re pretty standard items to have in your closet. It’s nice that there are alternatives to real leather pieces. You can always buy coated denim as an option.

RCG: Real leather is controversial right now.

Kate: Now, you can also go with faux leather. It’s perfectly acceptable, especially with all the faux fur available.

RCG: When I think of the capsule wardrobe of a stylish, European woman, I think of these types of pieces.

Kate: Yes. For sure! I can speak for myself as a British woman. I have both – faux leather pants and an animal print blouse. They’ve just been standard items in my wardrobe.

RCG: Great! Let get started!

Frame leather pants

Leather Le Sylvie Slender Straight Noir by Frame

A Vintage-Inspired High-Rise Leather Pant

RCG: Gorgeous! Do you picture these with a black boot like in this photo?

Kate: Yes, but with these, you can also do a stiletto, as well as a sneaker. They’re so versatile.

RCG: I like these because they look more casual with the pockets in the back. How would you style them?

Kate: There are so many options! You can do a chunky knit sweater. You could also do them with a knee-high boot or a flat, mid-calf boot. They’re just a perfect staple.

I’m not personally a fan of a high rise, as you know, but many people can wear them. You can wear them with a sweater that’s a bit shorter, something that hits you at the waist. You could also pair these with a printed shirt!

RCG: Great1 Let’s take a look at one now.



Equipment animal print blouse

Equipment Signature Button Up blouse

Silver and black animal print blouse

RCG: I’m excited to talk now about animal print! I find these are the pieces I always go back to – and wear them again and again. This blouse is so pretty because it’s silver and black. What do you like about it?

Kate: I love it. It’s a piece that can go with anything. Really versatile. You can wear it with a leather jacket, or a blazer. It would look great under a suit. You can dress it up! Skirt, pants, jeans.

RCG: I remember buying a blouse similar to this when I started working with you, and burgundy and black coated jeans. They never go out of style! And guess what? Seven years later, I’m going to wear them again this holiday season.

Kate: That’s the importance of buying investment pieces. There are some things that truly never go out of fashion. As you collect these key pieces, you’re evolving your own personal style without following a trend.


Veronica Beard leopard-print silk blouse

Leopard print silk blouse

RCG: This is more interesting with this tie at the collar. So cool! It’s such an artsy piece. I love it.

Kate: Yes! It has a dropped sleeve that gives it a different effect. If it’s too sheer for you, you can wear a camisole underneath. Or you can wear a nude bra. It’s just a matter of what you personally are comfortable doing.

RCG: Yes. She’s wearing it with high-waisted jeans and a boot.

Kate: It has quite a voluminous shape, so I’d be more inclined to tuck something like that in.

RCG: Now we’re going to go with the faux leather mini skirt. Let’s take a peek!

LVIR faux leather skirt from Saks

Faux leather midi skirt

RCG: This is such a slimming cut. I like how she’s wearing it with that sheer, textured top. What do you like about this?

Kate: I love the length, depending on the size and one’s height. It’s so easy. You can wear it with a high boot, an ankle boot, a loafer, and a pair of tights. You can wear it with a heel, but also with a stiletto and a bare leg. It’s a really versatile piece.

RCG: The pockets in the back are so great!

One of these pieces would be a great investment item to have for yourself this holiday season.

Kate: Exactly! The animal print could be replaced by a floral print that could go with any of these pieces.

RCG: This is fabulous, Kate! I love this so much!! Thank you!


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