Kate’s Closet: Transitional Fall Staples to Lift the Glam, Chic Factor

Aren’t fall and fashion synonymous? I don’t know about you, but fall clothing has always been my favorite. In college, I remember being excited about pulling out the wool skirts, tights, sweaters, and boots. Today, Kate is breaking it down and recommending some transitional fall staples that will carry you all the way through. So, let’s take a look:

Le Original Kessler Jean from Frame

The ultimate, updated fall staple – these jeans from Frame

RCG: First up – let’s check out these jeans. Why did you select these jeans in particular?

Kate: I thought they’d be really fun! High-waisted jeans suit a lot of people. They also pair well with many tops.

RCG: Let’s see some of the tops you’ve picked:

Linen Cardigan from COS

Chic, elegant sweater from COS

RCG: I see you’ve selected this linen cardigan. Why this one?

Kate: It’s very chic. It’s lightweight. You can wear it on its own, or you can wear it with a camisole underneath. You can also layer it with a blazer or a trench.

RCG: Oh, nice!

Cropped Sweatshirt by COS

A cozy, versatile, transitional fall staple

RCG: A second choice is a cropped sweatshirt. Do you like it in black?

Kate: I do – yes! You can bring in more color with a colorful fashion sneaker, a boot, or a flat.

RCG: What about a belt?

Kate: Here, for me, it depends on your shoe. If you have a vibrant shoe on, I would stay away from the belt. But if you have a neutral shoe, like a white sneaker, you could do a nude or black belt.

RCG: With this look, would you suggest pairing it with a white sneaker?

Kate: Yes, I would. There are also sneakers on the market that are white or black with a colorful stripe on them. In that case – I would stay away from a belt.

Knitted Midi Tube Dress from COS

The single must-have piece you need for fall

RCG: The second transitional fall look you’ve selected includes this knitted midi tube dress. So, this dress to me looks fancier.

Kate: No – this dress is so easy to dress up or down. I would have it with a denim jacket and sneakers for the day.

RCG: I love that look!

Denim Jacket by H&M

A $25 perfect denim jacket – a fantastic transitional fall staple

Kate: You could also pair it with loafers or booties. It’s so easy. You don’t have to think about it. It’s comfy. You could also dress it up at night with a slide or a boot. And switch your jacket to a lightweight leather jacket.

RCG: Wow – what a versatile piece this dress is!

Kate: Yes! It is.  Slides are on-trend right now- if you will. A few on the market are nude with a heel, and they’re an excellent alternative to a wedge or a boot.

RCG: Wow! I’m excited about that. I have a question about the bag. What would you wear with this look?

Kate: With the dress, denim jacket, and sneakers, I would do a nude, red, or any color. These looks provide a blank canvas for you to work with. You honestly can’t go wrong.

RCG: Thank you, Kate! These suggestions have been fantastic! Now I’m feeling more excited about fall. These transitional fall staples are on my wishlist. I want them all!


Learn more about Kate here.

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