Three Gorgeous Holiday Party Blouses You Will Love

‘Tis the season and Kate’s back at it again! I was feeling bored with my closet and asked Kate for her recommendations on new holiday party blouses that will inspire me this season. Not only did she come up with three great choices, but they start at $35.

Let’s take a look:

1. Puff-sleeve cotton top from Cos (stunning, versatile holiday party blouse)

Kate: I still can’t believe this piece is so reasonably priced. It’s $89!

RCG: It’s such a great piece. But what made you choose it?

Kate: In your closet, you have a standard white shirt, which is often terribly business casual. I think with blouses, for me, they have to have some kind of detail. This puff sleeve blouse has that sort of feminine elegance and can be worn with trousers, a skirt, or even jeans. This is just an all-around versatile piece.

And female executives in the office can wear this with a suit or even a pencil skirt.

RCG: As I look at this picture I’m noticing how artfully the sleeves are placed. Is it going to be hard to maintain that shape after washing this?

Kate: No, because of the way this is made, the shoulder should remain this way. Just wash it, line dry, and steam it.

RCG: What is your recommended holiday look with this piece? If someone were to wear it on Christmas Eve?

Kate: You could pair it with a leather skirt and an ankle boot or a wool pencil skirt and a tall boot. You can effortlessly pair this with items you already have in your closet.

RCG: Awesome! Thank you!

2. Pleated blouse from H&M

RCG: It seems like H&M is a secret weapon when you want to buy a super chic blouse on a tight budget. I find their blouses work so well. I have several and wear them all the time. And if I were to see a photograph of this blouse, I would guess it was $200, not $35!

Kate: Yes! They have a great design team that comes up with exciting, stylish pieces. You save money because the fabric is of lower quality. In this case, polyester.

RCG: Is that a problem?

Kate: Not at all. You wouldn’t want to wear jewelry on top of us because if it snagged, it would be ruined. But at this price point, you can replace it.

RCG: I noticed that this blouse comes in both black and cream. Which would you buy?

Kate: I would lean toward the black. I would pair this with a color like burgundy or purple. This would pair beautifully with colorful jeans and an ankle boot or a tall boot. Even a stiletto.

RCG: Looking at this picture, I can see that this model is probably tall, and she’s wearing the blouse untucked. How would someone more petite (like me!) wear this?

Kate: I would tuck it in the front. It will work well.

I would even pair this with black jeans and then with a printed boot or colored boot.

RCG: Gorgeous, I love it.

Now, let’s do a dream holiday look with this blouse. What would you do?

Kate: I would do this with coated denim or leather pants or faux leather pants. And then with a colorful flat if you’re at home this holiday.

RCG: Wow, thank you, Kate! This is the ideal holiday party blouse. I’m buying it for me and for my sister-in-law right now!

Now, on to the final item.

3. Joie Roselle Floral Print Tie Neck Silk Blouse

RCG: So, what made you choose this one?

Kate: I feel like it’s nice to offer another printed blouse. And with all the colors within it, you could pair it with a dark red skirt, a navy blue bottom or jeans, or winter white pants. This is an investment piece, priced at $298. You could wear this over a lifetime. It will never go out of style.

RCG: So good! What do you see for a holiday look?

Kate: I like how this has been styled in this photo. I would pair this with a boot, not an open toe.
For the holidays I like the idea of pairing this with winter white pants and a black or burgundy shoe. The great news is that there are millions of other ways to style this throughout the rest of the year.

RCG: Thank you, Kate! Once again, you’ve made shopping easier. Have a fantastic holiday! I will be checking in with you in January to see what you wore!

Kate: Sounds like a plan!


I hope you’ve enjoyed this story. Share with a friend in need of a party look at the last minute! These holiday party blouses will brighten any look you have in mind this year.

Ps: Are you more of an animal print, faux leather shopper? See Kate’s picks for these items here.

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