From Darkness Into Light, Embracing Winter Solstice

We are in the darkest time of year, the annual winter solstice. I am struck by how often I hear comments lamenting the shortened days and the feelings so many get as darkness descends. Yes, it is true that we thrive with sunshine and natural Vitamin D. But, I do think it is possible to embrace the natural rhythm of the ebb and flow as we move through the days and the calendar. I find myself repeatedly remarking that after December 21st, we are on the upswing once again, so try and focus on that positive note.

Additionally, it is beneficial to consider adapting to longer hours of darkness. The darkest time of year coincides with the holiday season.  It is typically a time to gather with friends and family.  Covid continues to challenge how we manage to spend time with loved ones.  This winter solstice, I encourage everyone to practice the CDC guidelines and emphasize the importance of safely connecting and celebrating.  Doing so encourages everyone’s well-being.

Tips for enhancing your well-being during winter solstice:

  • Keep things simple and not overwhelming. You will give yourself the gift of less stress and greater emphasis on connection.
  • Keep yourself fueled with healthy choices of exercise, good nutrition, sound sleep.
  • Use your mindset reset tools, remember to breathe, think realistically and
    positively, believe in gratitude, and count your blessings.
  • Remember that one of the things we give is a helping hand to others. You will feel better for doing so
    From darkness comes light again and another new year.

From my desk to you:
Breathe and Believe
Believe and Breathe
Breathe in the Here and Now…


Barbara J. Green, Ph.D.

Center for Integrative Counseling and Wellness

62 Derby Street, #6

Hingham, MA  02043

781-749-9227 x 101

Medical Director

Youth Health Connection

South Shore Health System

Weymouth, MA  02190

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