Wellness journal by Papier

November Giveaway: Wellness Journal From Papier

Gratitude is the mood for November. And what can inspire gratitude more than becoming aware of the good things happening in your life daily? The Wellness Journal from Papier offers a place to reflect on the abundance already in your life while also nudging you to explore more of where you want to go.

This journal offers way more than your typical journal. Sections provided include: listing your daily intentions, a place to monitor sleep, a meal planning section, a hydration checkpoint area, and a section to track daily activities. Also, there are pages to explore more self-care ideas, track your mood, jot down extra thoughts and feelings you make have on a given day, and a place to express gratitude.

Additionally, the Wellness Journal for Papier provides sections where you can identify longer-range goals and document steps you will need to take to reach them. Included inside is a place to explore personal wishlists and things you’d love to do in the future.

Using this journal, you’ll be able to track and identify meals that are nourishing, as well as mind/body goals.

Also, you can reflect on how far you’ve come and the things you’re learning presently.

Overall, this journal works more like an accountability partner. It’s a resource that encourages you to lovingly build a closer connection with yourself. Hopefully, this will help you to enjoy more of the good things in life!

I’m so excited to be giving it away this month!


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