Connie Rose – A Butterfly’s Journey

A Trailblazing Mother, Wife, Mimi, Artist, Friend. Connie Rose was a ferociously strong single mom in her early twenties. She climbed the corporate ladder without a college education, becoming one of the highest-ranked females at her company. Retiring at 59, she embarked on a new path, finding her true passion for painting. Now she spends her time in painting workshops, working in her studio, and enjoying life with her husband of 40 years, friends, and family.

Name a ritual do you do daily that brings you joy?

Every morning, I take a moment to look out the window and experience gratitude for the day.

Name a quality you love about yourself?

I’m a caring person who feels connection and empathy for others in need.

Name an activity that brings you closest to your inner beauty?

Painting. When I paint from my heart and can feel it coming through me, I feel I transcend to another place.

painting of a scene from the Getty Museum

Where do you find yourself going when you seek to be surrounded by beauty and abundance?

When I’m still, and with myself, I connect with my spirit. My connection to my higher power is the key to almost everything I seek.

What is your motto or mantra?

Always look for the best in people, and that’s what they will give you in return.

portrait from 2012 of Tricia and her daughter Ava


To learn more about Connie Rose, see my piece on ‘What Rose Colored Glasses Means to Me.’

A book that has inspired Connie’s journey is The Artist’s Way, by Julia Cameron.

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