Kate’s Take on Irresistible Denim Trends for Spring Summer 2021

Hello! I’m talking with Kate again today, and she’s going to take us through some denim trends for spring/ summer 2021 that she’s into right now, along with some other staples that you will love this season.

So, let’s get started.

Skinny white denim jeans

Frame’s Go-To Skinny Jean

1. White Skinny Jean from Frame – A Denim Trend That Never Goes Out of Style

RCG: What made you choose this pair among all the others?

Kate: This is your staple, classic white skinny jeans. I love how crisp and clean they are. They also wear very well. 

RCG: I feel like skinny jeans might intimidate a lot of women. Do your clients find them challenging to fit into these?

Kate: Actually, no. Most women can wear skinny jeans. They need to find the right brand and fit for their body type.

RCG: How do you picture these worn best?

Kate: I picture these paired with a black or navy t-shirt or collared James Perse Henley. Pair them with a blouse and a belt, and you’re all set.

RCG: Frame does have a higher price point. Can you suggest another brand with a lower price that has nice skinny jeans?

Kate: For a lower price point, try Madewell or Old Navy.

Kate’s Tip: Be careful with white skinny jeans because you need the fabric to be appropriately dense. Try to invest in one high-quality pair for your wardrobe.

Le Tomboy Trouser Cuffed Vintage White

2. A Relaxed Cuffed Twill Trouser by Frame – A Favorite Denim Trend This Season

RCG: What do you like about these?

Kate: These are essentially wider-leg jeans. I like these because they work as a trouser or as an alternative jean.

RCG: That makes sense. There are days where a skinny jean doesn’t seem appealing to me! lol

Kate: Yes, on one of those days, you can opt for this pair. They offer a more relaxed look and feel. You can easily pair these with a sweatshirt and a pair of sneakers. They are super easy and versatile.

They also pair well with number 5 on this list.

RCG: Great! Let’s keep going!

Le Garcon Freeman Jean – Perfect Relaxed Fit

3. The Perfect Relaxed Fit Jean  – A Worthy Denim Investment this Spring/ Summer Season

Kate: I honestly can’t say enough about this pair. I own them, and I love them.

RCG: What makes them so great?

Kate: This style is comfortable – like pajama level comfy. You can easily wear them with sneakers. Or cuff them up one more time and wear them with an ankle boot. You can’t go wrong. You will live in these jeans.

RCG: Great! I need to go and try them on!


navy dress

Lauren Dress in Navy by Frame

4. The Super Versatile Dress With Just the Right Amount of Feminine Detail

RCG: Well, this is throwing me off! Why did you veer off the denim track here?

Kate: I wanted to offer a fun denim alternative, and this dress fits the bill. Plus, it’s in the navy and white family.

RCG: It’s also super cute.

Kate: And so easy to throw on. Pair with a flip-flop or sneaker during the day. Change to a wedge for night with a denim jacket, and you’re good to go.

RCG: I have to say I love this dress.

Kate: I know. I love the feminine detail with the ruffle around the shoulder and neckline. It adds just the right amount of detail without going overboard. You could also switch out the belt if you wanted to.

RCG: Wow – super chic!

Rosette Sleeve Shirt by Frame

5. Acid Washed Puffy Sleeved Denim Blouse is Perfect for this Spring/Summer Season

RCG: Tell me about this piece. Why did you choose it?

Kate: I wouldn’t usually go for an acid wash, but it feels very feminine with the details in this blouse.

RCG: Yes, I like the retro feel of this blouse. How do you see women wearing this piece?

Kate: Wear this with the trouser above tucked in. Or, pair it with skinny white jeans. Just wear it untucked with those.

RCG: What shoes do you see with this look?

Kate: I would say a tan slide, a wedge, or even a sneaker. So many things can work.

RCG: Thank you, Kate, for these great ideas! I’m going to pull out those white skinny jeans in my closet and bring them into rotation.

Kate: Sounds like a plan!


Look here for more stylish spring looks.

Kate can also help you to spring clean your wardrobe.

Thank you for reading along. Please share with a friend that would like Kate’s take on denim trends for spring/summer 2021!

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