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My Seven Favorite Meditation Teachers Along With Links for You to Enjoy

Great meditation teachers are rare!

Are you seeking a fresh new start? And are you hoping to find the right teacher to lead you to greater peace, awareness, and fulfillment?

I’ve tried many, and I am sharing my list of the top seven meditation teachers. Although I don’t know any of them personally, I feel I’m sharing with you some of my closest, dearest friends. 

Their work has made such a difference in my life. And I continue to turn to them repeatedly when I need guidance and clarity.

Here they are:

1. Tara Brach: A gifted, masterful meditation teacher.

Tara Brach, to me, is the master of mindfulness and meditation. And her book, Radical Acceptance, is the holy grail of learning to love and accept yourself in the most profound, nurturing way.

I was first introduced to Tara Brach in the early 2000s while recovering from a horrific and profoundly traumatic divorce. Her work guided me through many excruciating moments, and I’m forever grateful.

Just listening to Brach’s voice brings me back to center. Thankfully, she has a selection of YouTube videos available to stream online when you need them most.

Many are under 20 minutes, yet they still really hit the mark.

Here is an example of one I did this morning:

Tara Brach leads a Guided Meditation: Opening and Calming.

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2 and 3. Eckhart Tolle/ Kim Eng: Radiating presence through meditation.

Together, Eckhart Tolle and Kim Eng are a team to reckon with!

Tolle embodies the frequency of calm and presence. Many of his workshops are available to stream online.

Try this one: Sitting Together in Presence: A Meditation with Eckhart Tolle.

But Kim Ang, his partner, is also a masterful teacher.

She has an online meditation called Inner Body Awareness Meditation.

I love her meditations on inner body work because they allow you a break from your overthinking mind. And you realize there is a high vibrational pure energy consciousness within. You can identify with this awareness, and your thoughts drift and melt away.

She is a very gifted meditation teacher, and I highly recommend her.

4. Insight Meditation Center Teachers: Daily meditations to try.

I discovered Insight Meditation Center while living in LA.

Interestingly, Insight Meditation Retreat Center is based in Barre, MA.

Right now, I am very into daily Insight Meditations led by various teachers on YouTube.

Every day they live stream a meditation from the West Coast at 7 AM. If I miss, I log in later and watch the replay.

Here is an example of one that aired earlier today: Guided Meditation: The Sought Found in the Searching.

What I love about these meditations is you have the chance to participate live. Personally, I think this is a fantastic opportunity. Also, I like the format. Gil Fronsdal, a central meditation teacher, discusses a topic in this meditation. Shortly after, he guides viewers through a 25-30 minute silent meditation. Later, he closes with more thoughtful words.

I recommend this format if you’re interested in experiencing silent meditation.

5. Dr. Joe Dispenza: East meets west in his vast body of work.

Dr. Joe Dispenza has a cult following.

He’s powerful!

I once saw him speak at a conference in Serenbe, Georgia. He’s a practitioner and a scientist who studies the power of meditation on his patients. He can detect changes in heart rate, brain waves, etc., which gives his work great credibility.

One of his meditations is a Morning Meditation.

His meditations are more active. He guides you to open your heart and mind to higher levels of consciousness so that you can naturally attract what you most deeply desire.

Just writing this inspires me to get back into his meditations. If you want to attract something into your life – give them a try!

6. Gabby Bernstein: A meditation teacher sharing her journey.

I love Gabby Bernstein because she’s very relatable, and her meditations are simple and easy to implement.

Sometimes, she offers a 21-day Meditation Challenge. I’ve tried this in the past and what I love most is that she exposes you to different techniques, enabling you to discover what works best for you.

Still, the meditation I enjoy and use most is the cord-cutting meditation. If you’re trying to heal from a broken relationship or feel an unhealthy attachment to any circumstance, I highly recommend this one!

You’ll be amazed at how well it works.

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7. Deepak Chopra: Brilliant, timeless wisdom in the form of meditation. 

Deepak Chopra, along with Oprah Winfrey, has several 21-day series of meditations on topics ranging from happiness to the law of attraction, abundance, gratitude, health, enhanced well-being, and more.

You can learn more about them here.

I enjoy his meditations because they’re sequential, and as you move through the 21 days on a topic, you begin to feel a shift.

He provides guidance and words of wisdom at the beginning and the end. Unlike Insight Meditations, Chopra’s meditations have music playing throughout the background.

So, are you in the mood to start a 21-day meditation series? Check this out!

These gifted meditation teachers can be an important part of your spiritual toolbox.

I love the idea of a spiritual toolbox.

Different meditations are needed at other times. And these are the meditations and teachers that I turn to the most. What’s interesting is that even just thinking about them and knowing I have them available brings me a wave of calmness and peace.

With their guidance and teaching, I feel grounded and ready! And that I can meet whatever I’m facing to the best of my ability.

I hope their work brings you precisely what you need, too.


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