Women’s Lunch Place Holiday Cards: Giving Back in a Most Meaningful Way

The Women’s Lunch Place has a lovingly karmic story to share.

A previous visitor at the center has since settled in her new life and has created unique works of art formatted as holiday cards. She’s now selling the cards with proceeds going to support its mission.

What could be more meaningful than a full-circle moment of generosity?

That’s precisely what these holiday cards represent.

Women’s Lunch Place (WLP), located underneath a church in the heart of Boston on Newbury Street, runs an exceptionally heartfelt program.

Every Monday through Saturday, women needing a healthy meal can come to the center for breakfast and lunch. WLP also provides several other resources, including a computer lab for visitors to use for job and housing applications, a much-needed laundry facility, and a place to take a warm shower.

Additionally, guests are offered several other resources to help them find their way back to independent, healthy living.

About the holiday cards:

According to the site:

“Twelve years ago, a combination of unaddressed mental health issues and traumatic abuse left Kim “completely shattered and unable to work.” She lost her apartment and began sleeping on the street.

At Women’s Lunch Place, Kim was able to find hope, healing, and a roadmap to health and stability. Now housed, Kim is back – using her professional art training and experience to lead several classes in our low-barrier, non-judgmental Therapeutic Expressions program.”


“When you order Holiday Cards through Women’s Lunch Place, you spread joy and peace to your friends, family, clients, and associates while giving the gift of food, warmth, and community to women experiencing homelessness and poverty.

As winter sets in, it is more imperative than ever to support the women who turn to us for help. For a $25 donation, a pack of five cards can provide a woman with a week of healthy meals, safe transportation to the shelter, or a winter hat, socks, and gloves. Your cards will be in the mail within three business days of your purchase.”

Can you not think of a better way to support this organization?

And what an inspiring story about a woman giving back! It doesn’t get any better than this.

Are you interested in learning about more female-founded charities? Check out this story on empowerHER.


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