March Giveaway: Celebrate Strength, Fashion, and Feminity

March is Women’s History Month, and we’re here to celebrate with the March Giveaway!

This month on the blog I’ll share stories of women who’ve paved the way for us all. We’ll also discuss confidence, resilience, and the importance of being true to yourself.

More details on the March Giveaway:

For this month’s giveaway, enter to win a fabulous book, Nevertheless, She Wore It. Celebrate women’s fashion over time as you flip through the pages.

“Celebrated illustrator and author Ann Shen shares her striking study of history’s most iconic styles, and the women who changed the world while wearing them.

From the revolutionary bikini to the presidential pantsuit, this book explores 50 fashions through bold paintings and insightful anecdotes that empower readers to make their own fashion statements.”

Also, the winner of the March giveaway will receive a bottle of Jo Malone perfume.

According to the site:

“Each of our simple, elegant Colognes is crafted from fine ingredients and designed to be layered with another on the skin to create something truly personal to you.”

As a woman living your best life, you deserve this decadent treat!


The contest begins on Feb 10 and concludes on Feb 24. Enter your email address below and fill out the prompts below to increase your chance of winning.

Winners are selected randomly.

I will contact the winner directly to arrange shipment.

So, thank you for playing, and good luck!


PS: Are you looking in the mood to read some inspiring positive affirmations? Check out these today.

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And, are you seeking to make an impact in your community? See these 11 qualities found in women who give back to their communities.

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