A woman holding hands with elderly woman representing the spirit of philanthropy.

Women in Philanthropy: See Eleven Interesting Traits Needed

Women in philanthropy are out there making a difference every single day.

Are you looking to get involved in serving a community foundation? Or are you interested in supporting direct outreach to aid other women, girls, children, and families facing challenges right now but aren’t sure you have what it takes?

Philanthropy involves giving back to the community, whether monetarily or through service. To be effective in philanthropy, certain qualities help make someone a successful giver.


Woman helping elderly woman get out of car. Empathy involved with giving back

1. Women in philanthropy embody empathy.

Empathy is essential to philanthropy because it allows us to put ourselves in someone else’s shoes and truly understand what it’s like for them. It helps us recognize their struggles and appreciate their unique experiences to be more effective in our efforts to help.

Mr. Nguyen-Phuong, a donor through the Ashoka endowment fund, says, “If you have empathy for someone, you suffer with the person, and out of compassion comes real giving. It’s not simply an act of giving. To give with the hand is easy; to give with the heart is tougher.”

So if you want to be a better philanthropist, remember the importance of cultivating empathy! It could be the secret ingredient that makes all the difference.

Collaboration is important part of philanthropy.

2. They understand and relish the power of collaboration.

Women in philanthropy also understand the power of collaboration. These women can make an even greater impact by networking with their peers and working together to achieve their goals.

With their collective wisdom, creativity, and determination, women in philanthropy are changing the world for the better—one act of kindness at a time!

A creative woman - thinking of solutions.

3. Women in philanthropy access creativity.

Philanthropic giving requires finding solutions to complex problems, so thinking outside the box and coming up with innovative solutions that can make a lasting difference is an invaluable asset.

Creativity is essential in philanthropy because it allows us to develop new and innovative ways of helping others that we wouldn’t have thought of otherwise. Creative ideas can lead to breakthroughs in approaching problems, creating more effective solutions tailored to meet the specific needs of those we’re trying to help.

Women in philanthropy know that all people deserve to have a chance.

4. They also share a commitment to fairness and justice.

Next, commitment to justice and fairness allows philanthropists to ensure that their donations are appropriately allocated and used to benefit those who need them the most.
It also provides a way for us to show our dedication to ethical giving, which ultimately helps society thrive.

By recognizing and addressing systemic injustice, we can make a real difference in the lives of many. Plus, it just feels good! So let’s keep up the commitment to ensure everyone has the chance to thrive and succeed.

Enthusiastic volunteer - joyfully giving back.

5. Women in philanthropy have an often deep passion for the cause.

Passion for the cause is an integral part of philanthropy because when you are genuinely passionate about something, your enthusiasm will naturally drive others to join in and become actively involved.

Furthermore, that same enthusiasm can be used by organizations to gain additional support from potential donors.

When someone sees how excited and dedicated you are to helping those in need, they can’t help but want to be part of that mission. So, when it comes to philanthropy, your passion is essential! It’s what will drive you and others to make a real difference.

Women communicating effectively with a group - an important skill for women in philanthropy.

6. They often utilize their strong communication skills.

Communication skills are integral to philanthropy because they allow us to connect with others through understanding and compassion. Communication serves as a bridge between people, connecting them more profoundly so that relationships can be built and sustained.

Good communication is the key to successful philanthropy! Communication helps us create meaningful relationships, build trust and mutual understanding, and ensure everyone is on the same page regarding issues of importance.

Philanthropists must use their communication skills to communicate their message effectively, allowing for effective collaboration and problem-solving.

A happy volunteer smiling as she enjoys giving back.

7. Effective women in philanthropy are centered on positivity.

When it comes to philanthropy, positivity is key. A positive outlook can be contagious, helping draw more volunteers and inspiring those involved to keep working hard. Not only does a positive attitude bring energy and enthusiasm to the task at hand, but it also encourages others to jump in and join the cause.

Unsurprisingly, some of the most successful charitable movements have generated a culture of positivity within their community. So, if you want to impact through philanthropy, remember to add cheer and optimism!

A visionary women - able to envision a brighter future.

8. They are often visionaries – seeing trends before others.

Women in philanthropy are often ahead of the curve, recognizing trends that others may not. Their influence can shape the world into a higher vision they already see.

They recognize opportunities to support innovative solutions and understand the importance of investing in ideas for future generations.

Leading a team of volunteers.

9. Women in philanthropy often have a special talent for leading teams.

Whether managing staff or coordinating volunteers, these women inspire those around them to do great things—no matter the challenge.

They support organizing events, identifying hidden resources, and inspiring members of their communities with hope!

With their leadership, courage, and innovative spirit, they become true champions of change within their communities.

A women in philanthropy making a meaningful connection with a child.

10. They enjoy making meaningful connections wherever they go!

Women in philanthropy also have a knack for making meaningful connections. They understand the importance of networking and building relationships, which helps to support their causes even further.

They can spread awareness, create lasting change, and encourage others to join them in their mission. Women in philanthropy don’t just discuss creating positive change – they take action and make it happen!

Woman understanding the financial and legal aspects of giving.

11. They have an understanding of the legal and financial aspects of giving.

In addition to these qualities, it is also essential for philanthropists to understand the legal and financial aspects of giving. Philanthropists should understand the tax laws and regulations surrounding donations and how to create an adequate budget for their giving.

With this knowledge, more women can ensure that their donations are used in the best way possible.

Hands joining together - symbolizing the spirit of charity.

In Summary:

There are many traits that enhance the capabilities of women in philanthropy. Many can also be honed and developed by mentors out there already working in their fields.

Still, it’s important to remember that anyone can become an influential philanthropist and help create positive change in their communities. We all have something unique and special to offer.

So, get out there, and jump right in!


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