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Five Powerful Reasons to Celebrate Other Women

It’s important to celebrate other women!

Doing so helps to foster a supportive and uplifting environment for the women in our lives. Not only does it inspire individual success, but celebrating other women’s successes also encourages collaboration and teamwork.

Celebrating each other’s accomplishments creates a safe space for women to speak openly and without judgment. This, in turn, builds trust, which is the foundation for any successful team or movement.

Let’s look at why you need to celebrate other women today!

Two women supporting eachother at work.

1. Celebrate other women by complimenting them often.

Sometimes other women’s success might intimidate you, and you may find yourself shying away from acknowledging their accomplishments. Still, you might feel great complimenting them anyway.

According to happify, “Compliments make other people feel good and make others want to be around you. In fact, giving compliments is a form of leadership and influence, because people love to be around positive people, and will be more likely to follow your example and listen to your ideas.”

So by complimenting other women, you’re choosing to join in on the fun! And as the above quote states, giving sincere compliments is a form of leadership and influence. A leader must step outside herself and acknowledge someone else’s hard work.

Also, A Course in Miracles says, “All minds are joined.” So when we celebrate other women’s success, we share the excitement and energy with them. We can ride their high vibration, too. It’s an all-around win for everyone.

Make an effort to celebrate the happy occasion of someone else’s success!

Women building trust at work.

2. We build trust in each other when we can speak openly.

When we honor each other’s accomplishments, we create a safe space for women to speak openly and without judgment. This, in turn, builds trust, which is the foundation for any successful team, event, or movement.

According to morale app, “Giving praise and getting compliments are fast and easy ways to feel good and boost your mental health. Research consistently shows that messages of praise can have powerful effects: boosting self-esteem, facilitating bonding, and building trust between people.”

In our overly busy lives, it’s rare for someone to take the time to recognize another woman’s success. It might feel risky and out of your comfort zone to graciously praise a woman you admire. But in doing so, you will build connection and trust.

Expressing your feelings establishes trust and benefits both the giver and the receiver.

Women celebrating each other's success

3. As we celebrate other women, we can see what’s possible for us, too!

Celebrating each other’s successes is a great way to remind ourselves that we can achieve anything we set our minds to and that no single woman is more or less capable than any other.

“When someone else reaches their target, it should fill us with hope and possibility.

Their success stands as a testament to us that we, too, can fulfill our dreams. If they can do it, then we can too!

The more we celebrate success and take on that positive stance, the more determined we will become.” – Everydaypower

This will help us shake off the doubt and fill us with the spirit of perseverance.

Women who are out there achieving are raising the bar for what we believe we can achieve, too.

4. When acknowledging her hard work, you never know the difference you’ll make in someone’s life.

When researching sources for this piece, I couldn’t help but think of Huma Abedin’s book Both/ And.

In it, she tells a fascinating story of her life, particularly of her rise on the political ladder as she makes her way from White House intern to vice chair of Hillary Clinton’s 2016 campaign.

She describes a relationship built on mutual respect between the two women. And you learn how impactful Clinton’s words were in shaping Abedin’s esteem and career trajectory.

In one passage, she writes: “What she wanted to tell me was that though people were pressuring her to let me go, she did not believe it was the right thing to do and had no plan whatsoever to listen to my critics. Then she proceeded to list all the reasons why.

That I was valued in our organization. That she had confidence in my work. That she believed I was a good manager, and an effective problem solver. That she knew the number of people who supported me far exceeded the number who wanted me out.

That she did not intend to be bullied into doing something just because that’s what other people wanted.”

Throughout the book, Clinton publicly acknowledged Abedin’s hard work ethic, capabilities, and dedication. These words made an indelible impact on Abedin.

Side Note: Take time to understand your competitive side.

Before we continue, I wanted to take a moment to discuss reasons why you may sometimes hesitate to offer that compliment on the tip of your tongue.

Sometimes we struggle with feelings of inadequacy in light of another woman’s success.

Madeleine Coyne of Verily reminds us, “My friend’s successes have nothing to do with me. How I feel in the face of a friend’s success is not her problem—it’s mine. The problem, plain and simple, is that I need to work on not comparing myself to other people.

I need to turn my feelings of inadequacy into feelings of contentment with my own successes and stage in life.”

Seeing your feelings of lack so closely might be painful! But it’s also a chance to address those feelings lingering beneath the surface. You can begin to look at the story you’re telling yourself about your life. And you can start to reframe it more positively.

The present moment offers a chance to start new and move toward your desired goals.

Also, ask yourself why you don’t offer compliments more.

Why don’t we do it more?

“So, what’s stopping us? Psychologist Vanessa Bohns says that self-doubt interferes with compliment-giving. We overthink our delivery instead of focusing on how it will make the other person feel.”

We need to drop the fear of getting it wrong. Our energy speaks more loudly anyway! We can offer our most heartfelt compliments and witness the connection and joy they bring.

5. One more thing: Celebrate other women by sharing stories and offering support. Create an empowering atmosphere.

Ultimately, celebrating other women’s successes is a powerful way to show our appreciation and support for one another.

In a healthy, supporting atmosphere, we learn from one another through stories of success and failure, build trust, practice self-care, and celebrate the capabilities of all women without feeling the need to compete for recognition. Together, we can share our accomplishments with the world and inspire each other to pursue our goals.

Sharing our stories offers a powerful way of showing appreciation and support for one another while making room for everyone to feel safe and celebrated.

We are so much stronger when we come together to celebrate our collective wins – so let’s raise a glass to commemorate someone you admire and their accomplishments!

Bonus – Here are some ways we can support and encourage each other:

  • Reach out to a colleague or friend who is striving for success and provide words of encouragement.
  • Publicly celebrate other women’s successes, big and small, to create an empowering atmosphere.
  • Share stories of your successes and failures, which can inspire individual success.
  • Have a party, celebration, or special occasion to commemorate someone when they achieve a significant milestone.
  • Offer to help others when you can – whether it’s mentoring, providing feedback, or simply giving a listening ear.
  • Take the time to observe and recognize your successes and those of other women without feeling inadequate.

Take advantage of these happy occasions to offer praise and express appreciation to women you admire.

By encouraging and supporting each other in these ways, we create an atmosphere of positivity that empowers us all to strive for greatness. So, praise widely! Together, we are stronger!


So, what do you think? Are there women in your life that you can celebrate? Do it today!

And forward this story to someone you know who might enjoy reading along!


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