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Verse Six of the Tao Te Ching: Creativity Is Who We Are

Verse Six of the Tao Te Ching teaches us that we are born as expressions of creativity. And that, within us, we all have the unlimited ability to create in infinite ways.

Verse Six comes at a perfect time, just as we wrapped up a month of exploring creativity in October. We can now carry that message forward by taking a deeper, more spiritual look at the meaning of creativity in everyday life.

Let’s get started!

Here’s an excerpt from Change Your Thoughts Change Your Life by Dr. Wayne W. Dyer:

“The spirit that never dies

is called the mysterious feminine.

Although she becomes the whole universe,

her immaculate purity is never lost.

Although she assumes countless forms,

her true identity remains intact.

The gateway to the mysterious female

is called the root of creation.

Listen to her voice,

hear it echo through creation.

Without fail, she reveals her presence.

Without fail, she brings us to our own perfection.

Although it is invisible, it endures;

it will never end.”

Woman meditating; connection to verse six of the tao te ching

Verse Six of the Tao Te Ching reminds us of our true nature.

First, this verse teaches that we’re at one with the unbounded, unlimited source that created us.

As I study and write about these various teachings I learn daily, I’m surprised by how many lessons overlap!

One that stands out here is a meditation from Kim Eng that I shared in a story about my favorite meditations to practice.

Eng describes a peaceful aliveness that exists beyond our conscious awareness. She teaches that this is our true nature. Likewise, her partner, Eckhart Tolle, describes our essence as pure potentiality.

So, a wellspring of unlimited potential is our true identity.

Our potential is vast. And from it, we can create our heart’s greatest desires.

In Conscious Creativity, Philippa Stanton describes our creativity similarly. She states that we are all born creative; we only need to tune into our creative potential. She suggests we can access this more easily with a disciplined approach.

Next, our creative potential allows us to grow and evolve continually throughout life.

Sometimes it’s easy to feel stuck. We can feel stuck with thoughts, patterns, and judgments we somehow acquired over time.

Thankfully, Verse Six tells us that this isn’t true!

We have an inner resource available to us that can alter our views in more productive, favorable, and enjoyable ways. We can experience shifts in our world as we employ its vast intelligence.

In fact, – Dr. Wayne W. Dyer of Change Your Thoughts Change Your Life says:

“If you choose to be aware of the inherent creativity that resonates deep within you, where the invisible Tao sings the loudest, you’ll assist the birthing of new ideas, new accomplishments, new projects, and new ways of understanding your life.” – Dr. Wayne W. Dyer, Change Your Thoughts Change Your Life.

This exploration of the teaching of Verse Six has broad universal implications.

Instead of seeing creativity in only an artistic way, we can begin to glimpse it as an expansive way of experiencing everyday life. We can find creative solutions to problems of all kinds. We can envision a new job that will bring deep contentment to our life. Likewise, we can see ourselves thriving, fulfilled, and excited about new opportunities coming our way.

Lastly, Verse Six teaches that we’re here to express our unique potential fully.

This morning my husband took the photo above from his office window. It’s fascinating to think about how inventively nature guides and teaches us.

The tree in the photo blooms in its authentic way, which, in this case, is magnificent! And it does this naturally.

The tree is in alignment. It’s blooming, creating, evolving, and expanding effortlessly.

And Verse Six of the Tao Te Ching teaches us to follow this lead. 

We’re here to honor and embrace our uniqueness and to share our gifts with the world.

A challenge from Verse Six of the Tao Te Ching:

As you may be able to tell, I love studying The Tao Te Ching;-)

I find peace and clarity in these teachings, and I want the lessons to sink deeply into my mind and heart throughout the month.

One way to support this goal is to create an actionable monthly challenge (that I want to share with you)!

So, consider collecting or photographing a changing leaf or something else in nature that speaks to its uniqueness and creativity. Allow it to remind you of your inborn creative potential every time you see it.

Become aware of the magnificent inborn potential ready and willing to co-create with you, so that you, too, can continue to evolve, explore, and blossom fully.


So, did you like this story? Please share it with someone who might enjoy a new perspective today.

As shown above, I’m in the zone of embracing creativity. You can read my thoughts on the personal meaning of art, music, and more here.

In view of seeing the impact of creative thinking on our potential, read my summary of The Art of Possibility. It might be exactly what you’re looking for!

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